Billionaire Menage

By: Jenny Jeans

Clare was their woman now. Nick could see it in every inch of her demeanor. Alex had loved her intimately ... and thoroughly. He would stake his life on it and she was outwardly sensual now. She was still angry with him. It sparked her eyes, gone ebony with her increasing arousal. God, and he would know when her body was aroused.

He and Alex had touched, kissed, and licked every inch of her to know. But now she was a minx. His minx, and unafraid to be naked before him. She gave him a purely seductive look, pouting her lips, red and swollen from his kisses. She paused with her hands on the edges of the dress, not moving her hands either way. She was posturing for him with her breasts held high and her gaze gone sultry. Ah sweet heaven, he was in trouble ... And, about to love every minute of it.

"You think I was too drugged to not know I wanted you both," she purred, rolling her hips once, while sweeping her long hair backward with one awe-inspiring fling of her head.

Nick gritted his teeth ... determined not to get down on his knees and howl. Instead, he used every effort he possessed to sit back and put his hands behind his head. It was hard. Very hard all over! "I think you are ours, baby, and I am waiting for you to strip for me," he said, as casually as he could manage, and still his voice cracked.

Nick watched raptly as Clare mercilessly teased him, slowly pulling up one side of the dress for a peek of her pale hip, and then she hid it again, doing the same with the other side. All the while she undulated her hips and the mounded buoyancy of her breasts came along for the ride with healthy youthful jiggling. He was sweating.

"No more will you think I'm taken advantage by you," Clare said seductively, and then she turned and looked back over her shoulder at him with her fingers hooked on the back hem of her dress, hanging at her waist. Nick couldn't speak so he only nodded his agreement.

"Then you love me!" she exclaimed, tugging the dress down over her lush ass. She purposely wiggled her buttocks from side to side, keeping her eyes focused over her shoulder directly on him.

An inarticulate sound erupted from his throat as he leaped upward. Clare squealed, dropping her dress, and then she pretended to run from him. He caught her at the door, swinging her around as he lifted her up against the doors wood paneling.

"Put your legs around me, you little minx," he commanded, swooping his mouth over her lips for a heated kiss. He suckled and ground his lips over hers as he helped her legs gain the anchor of his hips with his hands holding the outside of her thighs.

"Oh, Nick-Nick," she mewled, kissing him back hungrily as she tightened her hold around his neck, bringing her body closer.

Nick fumbled with the button on his pants. "Oh God, Clare," he groaned, freeing his cock from the material. He took hold of the hard column of his cock and brought the broad head up to Clare's pussy, rubbing it between her scorching pussy lips.

"Ohmmm," she moaned incoherently as he kissed her, plunging his tongue deeply inside her mouth.

Nick could feel the wetness of Clare's arousal drenching the head of his cock as he rubbed it up and down between her flushed pussy lips. Then he broke their kiss and he leaned back so he could see to position the now slick head of his cock at her vagina. There he rubbed the head around in circles, making Clare whimper senselessly as she clutched his shoulders. His cock was big and she was small and he used all of his willpower to go slowly as he started to enter her.

"Nick, it is so big," Clare panted, squirming over him.

"Hush, baby. Just relax," he uttered hoarsely as he pushed some more.

"Ohhh, no-no, you are too big," she gasped and Nick could feel her inner muscles tightening, trying to expel the inch of him that was inside her.

"It is all right, love," he cooed deeply, going back to her mouth to kiss her. He was desperate to be inside her. But he was big. That was until, in desperation, he changed their position a little by moving his forearms underneath her thighs, opening her up more and lifting her higher.

"Ohhhh, Nick!"

The repositioning alone plunged him halfway inside of Clare. It was so tight around his cock that he was shaking. He pushed, stretching her tightness around him as she panted and rocked on the column of his rigid dick. She was tearing his hair as he thrust upward, impaling her fully.

"Ohoh! You are so hard!" she cried with shocks of convulsions rippling the inner walls of her vagina over his embedded cock.

"Ah, God," Nick grunted.

Clare mounted onto him like a spring as he lifted her up and down, banging her spine against the door. Her heels caught his buttocks as she humped over him, a clear participant in their energetic coupling. Each stroke was thrust into her tightness. A renewed stuffing that burned with friction, making them groan and pant as he banged her against the door insistently faster.

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