Billionaire Menage

By: Jenny Jeans

"Where the hell are they?" she demanded, and Penny being Penny, she told her.

Chapter Six

Clare decided to tackle Alex first. She went there pissed off, but with the conviction she wasn't giving up what they had started. She found him at his loft. She had a key and let herself in, stalking through the vast expensive space, to find him in the bedroom, packing some gear in a backpack.

"I cannot believe you just pushed me off! Like I was a ... well a piece for the night," she declared, attacking Alex with words on sight.

His green eyes snapped to her. "You were never that," he uttered.

She tossed down her purse on his bed and took off her coat, while yelling back at him, "I was there, Alex. I knew what I was doing!"

His eyes narrowed on her as he straightened. "You were drugged," he said tightly. "Hypothermia too," he added.

"Sounds like Nick's assessment to me," she exclaimed. "And he was wrong!"

Finally, Alex cracked with her name on his lips coming out like a plea. "Clare."

He came to her and wrapped his arms urgently around her slender back as she burrowed into him with her arms tightly around his waist.

"I want you and him!" Clare exclaimed, then they tumbled onto their sides, facing each other on the bed as he pulled her to him, searching out her lips and he began kissing her with desperation.

Alex needed this. He needed it badly. He'd been destroyed they wouldn't be together. He couldn't think ... he did not want to think. All he wanted was the fresh scent of lilies and warm, soft woman around him. And oh, Clare was so soft and so warm, molding her generous curves eagerly to the hardline of his body. Their lips continued in a frenzy of heated kissing.

With his lips still shaping hers beneath his, Alex rucked up the hem of Clare's dress baring her to the waist. Then he caught her lush buttocks into his hands and he rolled her beneath him.

"Alex-Alex," she moaned.

"Take your top down," he mumbled over her mouth, not wanting to let her lips go for a precious second. He lifted her buttocks, tearing her silk thong away, then unzipping and shoving down his pants, until they were cradled, bare cock to bare pussy. Alex felt Clare hastily wrestle her top open to his command, and then ... God! Her bosomy breasts smashed into the wall of his chest, rolling hot skin to hot skin, as the swollen buds of her excited nipples prodded the muscles of his chest like hot embers.

"Sweetheart," he moaned, sweeping the cavern of her delicious mouth deeply with his tongue as he rubbed his chest back and forth across the firm mounds of her breasts.

She mewled passionately, undulating her wetting slit against his rock-hard cock. He helped her ardent movements with his hands cupping the cheeks of her ass, while he rotated his hips, until the head of his cock was wet from her arousal, and he was rubbing over that spot that made her squeal.

"Ohoh, Alex!" Her head fell back, separating their mouths.

Instantly, he dove for her bared throat, sucking hotly on the curve of her neck, as he flexed his hips in short bursts so the head of his shaft rubbed friction deep into the lips of her sweet, puffy slit. Her knees drew upward as her heels clipped the back of his thighs and held, seating him firmly in the cradle of her hips.

He rose, locking his elbows, as he arched his back and thrust his hips harder. The helmeted head of his cock burned with juicy friction through the lips of Clare's clinging sex. She rode his shaft, writhing beneath him as she clutched his tightly flexing biceps, scratching her fingernails into the muscle like a kitten scratching a post. Her slender white throat arched and her tawny hair spread wildly over his hands braced on either side of her head.

"Sweet, hot little pussy," he moaned low and deep in his throat as he dipped his gaze to watch the ruddy head of his long curving penis sliding up and down through Clare's undulating pussy.

"Oh, Alex-Alex," she moaned, ardently. "More-more, baby!" she panted.

By God he'd give her more, Alex thought, and with the heady weight of male satisfaction, he nudged the head of his cock lower. Watching it slip beneath the brown curls of Clare's pubis and feeling it press into her tight entrance. The circular wetness surrendered under the pressure of his prod, until half of the head was inserted and disappeared from his view.

"Sweet baby," he groaned tightly, through his clenched teeth, as he felt the muscles on his back ripple, while his buttocks quivered. Then he pushed forward more.

Clare cried out passionately, moaning as she arched beneath him, thrusting her breasts high. The overwhelming need to be planted deeply inside Clare drove him forward, until he was encased to the root of his cock as the hot inner muscles of her tight sheath convulsed in response.

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