Billionaire Menage

By: Jenny Jeans

Moments later, Nick blissfully spent, rolled partially onto his back, while just as euphorically spent Alex plopped onto his back. Leaving limp-limbed Clare between them with her head on Alex's chest and her knees tangled with Nick's legs.

Chapter Four

Alex looked down at Clare's lovely face, and he heard Nick murmur, "Kiss her, Alex."

Alex didn't hesitate; his mind and body were more than ready. He brushed his lips against Clare's, catching the sultry promise of her bottom lip, sucking gently, deepening his kiss before he retreated moments later. Then he watched Nick tilting Clare's chin with his knuckles, while lowering his head to slowly kiss her lips next. He was so close to them he could hear the catching sigh in Clare's throat and feel her fluttering heartbeat, where her firm breasts pressed against his chest. When Nick lifted his lips from Clare's mouth, Alex saw that the color of her irises were nearly ebony.

They made no plans . . . there could be none for such a thing. Yet they came together like three separate pieces, fitting together to make a whole.

"Oh, Alex!" Clare cried passionately as she pushed her hips forward.

"Alex, you found that spot," Nick murmured huskily as he smiled into the strands of Clare's silken hair, caught in the bristles of his unshaven chin. Her breasts were firm, large-shaped globes, swaying erotically in the palms of his bigger hands. He rolled the taut pearls of her aroused nipples with his forefinger and thumb. Then he plucked them, arching her body in response.

He pulled her shoulders back further, cradling her slender back along his chest as he lowered his head to nip one of the quivering tips into his mouth. He rolled the round protrusion around on his tongue making Clare whimper. Glancing down, he had a clear view of Alex's tan fingers massaging between the lips of Clare's flushed little pussy.

Alex agreed with Nick's assessment because he'd rubbed playfully many places within the delicate coral-lipped folds of Clare's sex, but this seemed to be the spot. He could even feel a hot pulse beat as he used his forefinger to rub on the flange of tender, beaded flesh that was exciting her.

"Oh! Oh!" Clare cried.

It was incredible! Alex glanced at Nick, and then back down to Clare's flushed face. Her eyes were clenched and her lips, which were swollen and flush from their kisses, were parted a dark passionate pink, while her gasps of pleasure kept coming faster and faster. "Alex, Nick! Oh! Oh!"

"Thrust your finger inside of her, Alex," Nick ordered him.

Clare passionately bucked her hips, but Nick held her in place as Alex mated her with his finger. Each thrust brought Clare's hips arched upward to meet Alex's plunge.

Nick growled hotly, "Two fingers, Alex." Then he caught Clare's panting lips with a heated kiss, sucking her tongue inside his mouth, absorbing each panting breath puffing out of her.

Completely transported, Alex lifted Clare's slender legs over his muscled forearms, gaining sterling access to an erotic view of her tender cleft spread, wanting, and wet. She was lost to the throes of passion, spreading herself wider as his fingers dipped deeper inside her hot, tight sheath. Soon her small heels were clamped onto his shoulders muscles.

He looked up at Nick with passion-glazed eyes, barely able to realize that Nick was gazing at him just as fiercely.

"Take her over the edge, Alex," Nick uttered through gritted teeth.

Alex could tell from the sound of Nick's voice and the look on his face that Nick would soon reach a similar edge. Just barely acknowledging Nick with a flick of his eyelids Alex circled his fingers faster in Clare's hot, quivering pussy as he thrust another finger inside her, hard and deep.

Clare cried ardently as she tumbled over the precipice. Tumultuous sensations burst through her body, engulfing her and taking her to a place she'd never known existed. She couldn't think as her body continued to pulsate with intense sensations rippling deep into her core. Then gradually they left ... slowly receding, leaving a feeling so exciting ... so exquisite, it left her breathless and quaking.

"You're so very beautiful," Nick murmured as he kissed her lips.

Clare's eyes remained closed, but she heard Alex murmur, "So lovely, sweetheart."

Alex kissed her too and she opened her eyes to look at the two beautiful men who made wondrous love to her. With both men gazing at her, she suddenly realized how wild and abandoned they'd been. But they'd had no intercourse as if they needed her permission in these amazing circumstances.

"Sleep," Nick urged her. "We will try to get out in the morning.

Chapter Five

The next morning when she woke both Nick and Alex were gone from the tent and she wondered if she'd dreamed it all. But her body told her it had happened.

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