Billionaire Menage

By: Jenny Jeans

Chapter Three

"Clare, baby," Nick's voice rumbled, behind her ear. "We had to get you warm, it's a snow out."

She moved against them moaning. "Please," she begged. "Please." Her dream was reality. It was what she craved.

"A taste of heaven," Nick murmured.

"Oh," Clare gasped, feeling the reality of firm lips kissing the back of her shoulder, while a much thicker column of Nick's anatomy really was rocking in the valley it was spreading between the cheeks of her ass. She moved with the intimate stroking of Nick's erection rolling her against Alex's hard shaft burrowing into the curls above her sex. Then she felt the firm outline of Alex's mouth as he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

"Oh God, Alex," she moaned, with her head falling back.

Her fingers clenched into the tightly roped muscle of Alex's shoulders, while her lower body undulated with Nick's strokes through the crease of her bare bottom. Feeling the sway of masculine muscle, in front and behind her, increased the flamed heat that spread like warm syrup into her sex. Desire flooded her, making her ache harder. It was a hot ache that tangled her searching toes with four muscular calves.

Nick understood he should stop the glide of his inspired cock through Clare's round ass cheeks. However, somehow the thought and the action wouldn't come together in his mind, and then Clare's body ripened beneath his, like a luscious warm peach. She was aroused. He could feel it in the return undulations of her sinuous, plump ass against his larger cock.

A cock that was rock solid, which he continued to stroke through Clare's plump buttocks. Then, instead of halting he hooked Clare's hips in his hands for better anchor. He nibbled her soft nape as his hips rocked the thrusting mass of his cock through the alluring cradle of her rolling buttocks. At the same time, he realized Alex was having similar reactions to Clare's lavish body. Her big breasts occupied Alex, as he watched Alex draw the aroused berry of her nipple into his mouth like sweet candy.

"Oh mmm," Clare moaned. "I shouldn't."

But her mind was conflicted with thrilling new pleasures and she thrust her bare breasts forward into Alex's warm mouth, trying to keep in contact with his wicked tongue. A tongue that was creating wondrous sensations, at the same time her hips wriggled forward riding her slit up and down Alex's jutting shaft. Both men rocked her from front to back with four male hands stroking her, molding her curves into their hands.

Nick curled his muscular body along her back and pressed her into Alex's solid frame in front. Front to front . . . back to front, while Alex mounded her breast into plump piles, ardently kissing and sucking on them. Her head fell back further, with intense pleasure, and Nick began nibbling on her lips, running his tongue along the seam of her mouth.

"Open for me, baby," he breathed, then his tongue penetrated her willing mouth and he imitated the movements of his hard erection stroking through the crease of her bottom.

She moaned around Nick's hot, prodding tongue.

Alex painted his tongue around the swollen kernel of Clare's nipple, licking the fat berry to tautness, until it thrust avidly into his mouth. His mind was too dazed with sensual tension to follow any more details than the feast of large breasts before him. Part of his mind mused that a man could go entirely too long without the sexual pleasures of a woman's flesh, as his cock extended in length, curving nearly to his belly button and sliding like a snake engaged on a lustful journey through hot satin curls.

The blunt and sensitive head of his cock could feel the tender invitation of Clare's pussy lips, slick, and oh so hot, as they clung to the length of his shaft. He slid his throbbing shaft up and down through her pussy lips, dripping dew and unfolding the juicy slit like a blossom, while they sucked at the head of his shaft.

His stroking drove Clare into more frantic motions against him. He loved the way her body could contort in enticing ways, allowing him to suckle on her breasts, while his hard shaft rocked up and down through her feminine pussy lips. His uncontrollable thoughts, and the erotic sensations, were guiding him toward the ultimate peak, driving his body to increase his efforts. He thrust harder, nearing the summit of an explosion, just as he heard a strident voice.

"Move your knee, Alex. My spot."

Alex's head jerked up, releasing the thrusting jut of Clare's nipple. He tried to catch Nick's gaze, as they all continued to rock in hot and frantic bobbing motions. "And how do you know that is your spot?" he uttered.

"Ah God," Nick exclaimed, with an abrupt groan. "Because, I need ... God, Alex ... now!" Nick's entire body shuddered violently.

"Point taken!" Alex exclaimed, moaning several heartfelt, "Jesus'," before he groaned. Alex tensed, straining against Clare as his seed pumped free.

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