Billionaire Menage

By: Jenny Jeans

She'd barely finished speaking when she saw a spark flickering, and then the slowly rising blaze of a single candle wavering, moving until it lowered, as it was set on a table.

Behind her, she felt sudden warmth heating her bare back. Then there were strong muscular arms reaching around her, encircling her, drawing her spine against the wall of a bare chest that emanated heat.

A husky voice whispered into her ear, "Sweetheart, it's Alex."

Before her a darkened form slid forward and firm hands grasped her shoulders. The form took on shape as a kiss brushed her lips. "Baby, it's Nick."

She was speechless with her body anticipating pleasures she'd dreamed about. Nick bent his head and once again the heat of his firm lips brushed hers ... slanted slightly and settled, drawing her into deeper kisses. His tongue teased her lips, asking entrance, and she opened her mouth for him, trying to lean forward, but Alex's arms were around her. But then Alex's hands were touching her naked breasts, stroking lightly ... cupping and caressing friction against her puckering nipples. Her body responded and she undulated, moaning her enjoyment.

She put her hands on Nick's chest, sliding them upward. She could feel the beating of his heart and the muscles across his chest as she dipped her mouth to explore, while Alex's strong fingers played with her breasts. Her nipples throbbed and strong surges of pleasure flashed from her mouth, to her breasts, and directly into throbbing need deep in her sex. She felt warm wetness there.

Her body echoed, becoming extremely sensitive to their hands stroking her hips, her buttocks, her breasts. Nick lifted her mouth and she followed his mouth more deeply, while her fingers liberally explored the vast expanse of sinew across his hard chest. At the same time she rubbed against Nick, riding the long, hardened ridge of his hot erection that pressed itself against her. She moaned, a murmur of excitement, as Alex continued to deeply massage her breasts, lifting them up in his hands to squeeze.

A cool breath of air caressed her back, and then the warmth of a tongue sliding down her spine caused her to shiver and thrust her breasts higher into Alex's kneading hands.

"What are you doing to me?" she gasped.

"Loving you, sweetheart?" Alex whispered into her ear.

"Adoring you, baby," Nick murmured.

"I ache so," she moaned.

Just as she spoke, Nick thrust his hips forward pressing the thickness of his shaft into her cleft, rubbing it erotically against her sex.

Still, deep ... deep within the dream,

Clare's fingers lowered to feel his heavy shaft with her fingers brushing the hot, solid mass. Boldly, she touched it, and then she ran her hand down, and then upward, rubbing its throbbing bulk, feeling its weight and power. Nick groaned with pleasure following her hands stroking with a rigid counter thrust along the palm of her hand.

Clare felt herself floating toward a bed. She turned her head and she saw that Alex was already there, sprawled in naked glory. His golden body was a magnificent sight and she watched in utter fascination as he turned onto his back and his powerful erection expanded and curved upward in greeting.

Alex reached for her, while she was reaching for the spellbinding curve of his erection, and Nick slid in behind her. She felt Nick's shaft sliding between her buttocks at the same moment Alex's hand began combing through the tawny curls decorating her sex, his fingers searching.

"Sweet, Clare, you are so beautiful, so hot, so ready," Alex murmured as he stroked her clit.

Attempting to wiggle forward onto Alex's ardent fingers, she was stopped by Nick's hands on her hips, holding her firm, as he guided the nob of his engorged erection to the dripping entrance of her throbbing sex. He pressed the hooded tip past the first gate to pleasure, wasting no time. Then he thrust fully into her.

"Ohohhh!" She collapsed on top of Alex with a scream of pleasure.

Clare could feel the tip of Nick's erection pulsing deep inside and her body gripped him with an internal spasm along his thickness embedded so fully and hard inside her. Then as though in response to her pleasure his thick erection enlarged and he pulled back slightly riding the lips of her splayed sex over the fire of Alex's rigid shaft beneath her.

Alex took her mouth with urgent passion, plunging his tongue deep, while his hands gripped the back of her thighs and he rocked her against Nick's thrusts. Each time Alex rocked her onto the stabbing thickness of Nick behind her, he also rocked her over his own throbbing shaft. She screamed again as shudder after shudder rippled through her. Thrusting her body forward, she tensed and in seconds she was once again at the peak.

And then she was falling from the darkness of her dream world, coming partially awake to feel acres of hot male flesh covering her front to back. She thought it was a dream, but reality had her hot, wet, and wanting. Two cocks were hard against her, but neither moved.

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