Billionaire Menage

By: Jenny Jeans

Nick left her mouth and dropped between her legs, while Alex groped her breasts. The fragile silk of her lingerie was torn up the front, thrilling her right before Nick's mouth closed over her pussy. She arched upward, feeling Alex's hot cock in the crevice of her ass.

"Fucking taste so good," Nick growled over her pussy, then he began sucking her clit.

She came seconds later with her head thrashing against Alex's shoulder. Then Nick flipped her over on top of Alex.

"Climb on it, sweetheart," Alex urged with his hand tangled into her hair. His cockhead was there and she sank onto it.

"Oh God, Alex," she cried, clutching his solid shoulders.

His hands grabbed her hips, pulling her thighs up his thighs, splitting her ass cheeks wide. She felt creaminess touch her backside, but before she could register, Alex tugged her mouth down to his and French kissed her hot, fast, and deep. She moaned over him clenching over his cock inside her.

Then, she felt a prod to her anus. She squealed a little, but something entered working around. Pleasure unlike any she'd felt before threw multiple spasms through her sex, and she humped up and down Alex's cock.

She heard Nick utter, "She's ready."

Alex's tongue left her mouth and his hands clamped on her ass cheeks pulling them wide, she bowed forward and his mouth sucked in a nipple making her attention turn with a moan of pleasure.

But then something bigger prodded her back hole. Nick's hand steadied on her shoulder. "Relax, baby," he growled.

Then she felt him pushing. Oh God. She moaned as he rocked her and it pushed her clit onto Alex, while Alex's cock moved inside her. Pleasure fierce and strong rushed through her centered on a big cock entering her asshole. Deeper. Moan. Deeper. Moan.

"That's it baby. That's it, baby. God, so fucking tight."

Then she was pierced with a cock in her vagina and a cock in her ass as she mewled sounds she'd never heard come from her before. Nick's big hands circled her waist and he began moving slowly. The big thrusts in her ass moved her up and down Alex's cock and she squealed in pleasure. Faster and faster she squealed, as they groaned.

Nick watched his cock disappear in Clare's hot ass and he gritted his teeth holding back from ejaculating on the spot. More lust worthy was the sounds Clare made and the erotic movements of her body humping between them. He felt Alex lift his hips each time he thrust into Clare's tight ass and they both grunted in ecstasy. This was more than they could have imagined and Alex's hand clamped the back of Clare's head dragging her down to kiss. Nick arched his back and thrust faster the easier Clare took him up the ass with her sleek, curving body undulating through each double fucking she got.

She was squealing passionately in Alex's mouth and they both heard and felt her climax. Alex tore his mouth from Clare.

"Take it," he growled at Nick.

Nick fucked Clare's ass, until he came hard, then Alex took the rhythm, lifting Clare up and down jerking, until he came and Clare came again. They panted for long moments, she was between them, they were braced not to crush her as they stayed softly inside her, and then she began to giggle.

"Oh my God, that was amazing! I love you. I love you both."

Nick looked Alex in the eye over Clare's shoulder and they both saw happiness, commitment, and the determination to make this work, in each other's eyes.

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