Billionaire Menage

By: Jenny Jeans

"Oh! Oh! Nick, more!" Clare squealed.

He lifted Clare higher with each rapid thrust as he pushed her, thudding harder against the door.

"Ohohohh!" Clare cried.

Damnation, he could feel her ... Clare was going to climax. Then he could feel his cock being squeezed rhythmically as Clare's vagina went into spasms and he throbbed in response as the intensity held him in its grip, until ... On one final stroke ..."Oh God, Clare. Oh, God! Oh, sweet baby, I love you. Jesus."

"Nick!" Clare squealed passionately as her orgasm rocked through her and grabbed his dick in rolls. His seed ejaculated in an excruciating torrent of rapture. He was frozen in time as he held her up against the door with his knees locked.

"Jesus," he grunted again, wondering what the hell was holding him up. But Clare clung to him shaking, vulnerable, and so precious that he knew he would drag himself through hell to protect her.

When he thought he could manage it he lifted her up, releasing their joining and he caught her under the thighs with his forearm as he carried her back to the lounge. She was languid and cuddly, barely aware of her surroundings. He laid her down, keeping her within the circle of his arms as he lay down with her and he pulled his jacket partially over her nakedness to help keep her warm.

"Oh, Nick," she sighed, nuzzling his neck with little kisses.

Chapter Eight

Clasping Nick's hand, Clare glided through the doorway into their new shared bedroom in Nick's mansion. Alex was seated in front of the fire and when she entered he rose with a fluted glass of champagne in his hand. After taking a sip, he offered her the glass and she smiled as she accepted it, and then she turned it until she could take a sip from the side where his lips had touched it.

The brothers wore identical blue silk robes that reached to their calves. Her own lingerie was blue and so sheer that one could see her skin beneath. Clare's breath caught in her throat and a shiver of anticipation ran up her spine at the sight of her two men.

Nick stood at her back, his hands at her waist and Alex leaned close and brushed a warm kiss onto her lips, saying, "At last you're ours."

"And you both are mine," she whispered against his lips. A strong hand took the champagne glass from her hand, while another hand, Nick's, played with the thin strap of her lingerie at her shoulder.

"A woman who knows what she wants," Nick murmured against her ear. "I like that."

Alex cupped her face and brought her mouth to his for a deeper kiss as she pressed against him. Nick rubbed his big hands over her bottom, squeezing, shaping — rolling her pelvis onto Alex's obvious erection.

"Mmm," she moaned into Alex's hot kisses. Then he left her mouth and Nick grabbed her chin from behind, angling her head back, until their lips touched. It thrust her breasts forward in Alex's waiting hands. He played over her breasts moving the silk of her lingerie across the taut tips of her nipples. It made her squirm in pleasure.

"Can you take us at once," Nick asked against her kissed lips.

She gasped, breathless, she'd never thought of such a thing. It instantly excited her, but scared her.

"Orgasms first," Alex declared, his mouth was at her nipple, biting gently making her moan.

Nick smiled against her mouth. "Definitely orgasms first. Then we'll see," he said, and his tongue swept past her lips.

But she'd never stop thinking about it, and that was what they wanted. But one against two could play at this game, the devils. And she turned too reached down, grasping each of their hard cocks into her hands. One grunted, one groan. She got Alex inside his robe squeezing the hot length of him. Nick she got part robe, part thick shaft. She tightened her hand stroking from the bottom to the top.



"Hot come. I agree ... orgasms first," she purred, huskily.

She squatted and her mouth was around the head of Alex's cock before he could register where she was going. One of their hands clutched the top of her head.

"Jesus," Alex groaned.

Clare sucked deep, while fisting, Nick's wide shaft.

"Fuck, baby." That was Nick.

She turned her head quickly to Nick's cock, sucking him in her mouth.

"God." A groan.

She worked between them both back and forth, while their robes sailed off, tossed aside. They had to have quite a show looking down on her. Their cocks tasted so good she didn't want to stop, even when she felt them growing bigger and harder in her mouth as if they were about to come. The next second she was lifted up between them and carried to bed.

They fell into it with her spine on top of Alex's chest. Nick came down over her and she was sandwiched between. Oh God. Muscles hot, warm, all around her. Strong hands caressing. Nick's mouth tonguing her deep as she moaned and moaned.

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