Fucked by Force

By: Bree Bellucci

“Well, how did it end?” Mandy asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer.

Brad shrugged, indifferently. “There were rumors.”

“What kind of rumors?”

“Rumors that are not easily forgotten. You were right. This was not a good idea.”

Hearing Brad agree with her made Mandy feel and even greater pull towards him. She didn’t want him to agree and be sensible. She wanted Brad to want her, to not care about disobeying Justin.

“But – I don’t think I can just walk away from my feelings,” she said in a small voice, and Brad looked at her with pure longing and desire. Mandy gasped at his expression, and before she knew what was happening, Brad was pulling her into a tight embrace, his lips pressing down on hers as his hungry mouth pushed apart her lips while his tongue took possession.

Mandy kissed back, the fire flooding through her body. She tangled her fingers in Brad’s hair and knotted tightly as she pressed her body against him. She knew that Justin would never accept this, and that made the kiss all the more thrilling. Mandy moaned into Justin’s mouth and she felt his hands travel down her backside, squeezing tightly before they grazed up her shorts, gently rubbing her smooth firm ass.

Mandy was not sure how long she and Brad embraced, but she knew that she had not needed to come up for air. More than once she had envisioned pushing Brad into the grass and climbing astride him. It had been a smart choice to meet in a public place. As they broke apart, Mandy gently touched his face, feeling the raw redness on his skin from the furious and passionate kiss.

Brad was panting heavily, and Mandy noticed the large erection in his pants. Her passions wanted the best of her and she longed to unzip his fly and wrap her lips around Brad. But she had never been a cheater, and already she felt beyond guilty about the kiss. Screwing Brad in front of the other wolves had been one thing, but meeting him secretly in a park was quite another.

“Please Mandy,” he said gruffly, “Can’t we meet each other again? You feel the connection now. You could come to my house. It would be more private there.”

“I don’t trust myself, Brad. I’m sorry. I am attracted to you and care for you, but I can’t let my desires get the best of me. I’m sorry!” she exclaimed. Feeling ashamed, she quickly ran back towards the path without looking back. She couldn’t bear to see Brad’s face and she hated herself for coming. It was wrong to act on her feelings for Brad, and she knew that now. Just because she was a whore for Justin, didn’t mean she could go running around with other men.

It was almost pitch-black now and the darkness was becoming eerie. As Mandy rounded one of the last corners she thought she saw a flash in a nearby bush. She yelped and jumped back quickly, almost having a heart attack. She squinted into the darkness making out a dark shape – almost like a large dog. Mandy shook her head, hoping she was seeing things, she wasn’t about to go investigating wild animals. A large dog or a wolf, and Mandy did not want to think about any wolves being in this park, especially if it was Justin. Mandy hurried to her car and jumped in, she would explain herself to Justin if it became necessary, but for now she wanted nothing more than to put this night behind her.


The following day, Mandy got into the office early so she would be better prepared for the girls and for Justin. She still had an uneasy feeling that Justin knew she had met Brad last night and she couldn’t shake the thought from her mind. Feeling guilty certainly wasn’t going to help her case, it would do better to act natural like nothing happened. Justin was a powerful and busy man; he must have had bigger business to attend to other than follow Mandy around in the evenings.

Relieved to see she had in fact arrived before the other women, Mandy sat herself at her desk and began going through Justin’s schedule for the day. It was fairly light, and he would be out of the office for part of the day. Mandy couldn’t help the small feeling of relief knowing that he would not be around to look at her guilty face. She also hoped that Meghan and Jen could act normally. Mandy became engrossed in her work and she hardly noticed as Jen and Meghan slipped in and quietly sat down to work. They mumbled their hellos, but seemed much more subdued, which was preferable today.

Not long into the morning, Ally popped down the hall before seating herself in front of Mandy.

“So, Justin has asked me to take you out this afternoon and help with your wardrobe.” As Ally spoke, she had the decency to look at the floor as if this request to help Mandy shop was embarrassing. Surely, Ally did not mind one bit, but Mandy’s face flushed at the idea of someone needing to help her pick out clothes.

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