Fucked by Force

By: Bree Bellucci

Mandy left his office and this time Meghan and Jen didn’t even bother to look up. The day passed quickly, and Mandy felt ridiculously kinky working the entire day without any underwear. Justin smiled seductively at her more than once as he tapped his pocket, which contained her damp panties. Mandy could only shake her head in bemusement. She wished every morning could start with His and Hers orgasms.

The end of the day quickly approached, and it seemed all the plans were set in place for the party the following evening. Justin warned the women not to be late, especially Mandy. She went home that evening feeling lighter than she had all week, all thoughts of Brad forgotten. Only Justin was on her mind, and she could not wait for him to see her in her costume.


Saturday flew by and Mandy found herself a jumble of nerves for most of the day, snapping at Chrissy and then apologizing for her bad behavior. Finally, Mandy began the long process of getting ready. She carefully blow dried her hair and then twisted it up before piling it on top of her head and curling the ends. Chrissy even offered to help Mandy apply her makeup. Mandy was more than grateful, especially considering the way she had treated her earlier. As Chrissy expertly swiped on mascara and then curled her lashes with a heated eyelash curler, Mandy felt a fresh surge of guilt. She wished she could tell Chrissy exactly what was going on, but she knew she could not.

The moment arrived for Mandy to step into her dress. She carefully extended her long, slender legs into the soft material, before Chrissy helped pull the dress up and zip her.

“Oh my god, Mandy, you look gorgeous,” Chrissy breathed. Mandy nervously glanced towards the mirror and her jaw nearly hit the floor. The creature in the mirror could surely not be herself. This woman was tall and elegant with perfectly coiffed hair and alluring makeup. Her gown ebbed and flowed around her and her entire being seemed to glow from within.

“Chrissy, you’re incredible!” Mandy whispered.

“Me? I didn’t do this! You are the incredible one!”

Mandy wanted to squeal with excitement. She slipped her feet into her delicate silver shoes before grabbing her mask and her evening bag. Just as she was about to reach for her keys, there was a knock at the door. She shot Chrissy a quizzical look before going to the door and opening it. Standing in the hallway was a man dressed in a smart black suit, with a chauffer’s hat in his hand.

“Ms. Ray?” he inquired.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“I’m your driver, Miss. I’ve been sent for you.”

“Really? You’re driving me to Justin’s?”

“Yes, Miss. The car is outside whenever you’re ready.” And with that, he gave a small bow before turning towards the stairs. Shocked, Mandy turned back into the apartment where Chrissy was standing, her jaw hanging open.

“Holy shit!” Chrissy squealed.

“My own driver!!” Mandy squealed back momentarily caught up in the excitement. She gave Chrissy a quick kiss on the cheek before turning and carefully making her way down the steps.

“Have fun!” Chrissy cried after her, and Mandy could hear the slight envy in her voice. Mandy wished she could have invited her friend, but she knew it wasn’t possible.

She carefully climbed into the town car and sat down. She turned to look around the rest of the interior and nearly screamed. Sitting in the car beside her, grinning, was Brad.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she hissed. “If Justin knows you snuck into this car, he will kill you!”

“Justin won’t know because he didn’t send for the car,” Brad said smiling. Mandy looked confused. “But if he didn’t send for the car-” she began slowly. Brad only smiled.

“I sent for it,” he finished. Mandy looked uneasy, but she couldn’t help the pull she felt towards Brad. Slowly, Brad scooted even closer to Mandy and Mandy felt her heart skip a beat as her skin flushed. As soft as a breeze, Brad lowered his lips to Mandy, waiting for her to turn away but she didn’t. Mandy found herself moving towards Brad’s mouth and the kiss started slowly before it began to intensify. The fire grew between Mandy’s legs and she wanted it to stop but she knew it couldn’t.

“Mandy,” Brad gasped and Mandy could only moan back. Ever so slowly, Brad ran his hands up Mandy’s leg, slowly pushing the material up her smooth skin, exposing her thigh inch by inch. Mandy moaned again. Brad’s fingers caressed her upper, innermost thigh and Mandy couldn’t help but push her hips forward, wanting Brad to touch her between her legs. As if reading her mind, Brad’s fingers gently grazed against the soft material of her underwear and Mandy moaned loudly as she felt her nipples harden.

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