My Forever Is You, Book 1: Reunited

By: Ashley Blake

He sat there silent, looking out over the water. Was that relief that I saw wash over his face? I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“You ignored my calls and emails when I tried to contact you after we graduated. You wouldn’t even talk to me. We were together for four years and you wouldn’t even talk to me. Do you have any idea how much you hurt me Lauren? Any at all?”

I could see a flicker of anger in his eyes but mostly I just saw sorrow. I felt horrible. It hurt me to know that I had hurt him so badly. Tears started to well up in my eyes and they spilled down over my cheeks.

“Jake I am so sorry. I feel awful that I hurt you. But I did it because I loved you.”

All of a sudden he snapped and his booming voice startled me.

“You did it because you loved me Lauren? I would hate to see what you would do to me if you hated me! You ripped my heart out! Do you have any idea how long it took for me to be able to leave my apartment? I was devastated! I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning! Finally, after two months, I was able to pick up the pieces. I became a different person. You’ll see on this trip that I am not the same person you dated all those years ago. That person was weak and not in control. This new Jake Hunter is in control of everything, all the time.”

He had almost a chilling look in his eye when he said those words. My tears dried up and I was a bit taken aback.

“So, how is your personal life? Are you married?” He spat out the words as he fixed his gaze on me, anger brimming all around.

I didn’t know if I should answer his question but after hurting him the way I did, I wanted to be honest with him about everything.

“No, I’m not married. I’m dating someone casually.” I saw a flicker of fire.

“Were you ever married? Any kids?” His tone was harsh and unfeeling. This was not the Jake I remembered.

“No to both. And what about you?” I tried to sound as warm as possible.

“After you, I swore off women for a long time. And then I met Vivienne. We’ve been dating for about two years.”

My stomach dropped into my toes.

“She is a remarkable woman. She is very loving and supportive of me, she’s beautiful and my family loves her.” His tone was taunting and nasty.

I looked at Jake when he said that last part and I could always tell when Jake was lying to me because his upper lip would twitch. His upper lip was twitching when he told me his family loved Vivienne. His lies were usually innocent, like the time he tried to surprise me for my 21st birthday and told me we were going to a popular sushi restaurant for dinner. My birthday is in February and it was freezing that night so I told him we could just skip the restaurant and stay in. He said it took almost a year to get the reservation so we really needed to go. His lip was twitching when he said that and I didn’t think anything of it at the time. He ended up flying me, Amy and a few of our friends to New York City on his family’s private jet for a night out on the town and we had an amazing time.

“Oh, she sounds lovely. Your family loves her?”

He looked directly into my eyes. “They do, especially mother.” His lip was twitching like crazy. He is lying to me.

My heart sank. He was probably lying to me to get back at me. I bet there wasn’t even really a Vivienne. I wanted to see how far he would take the lie. I don’t know how I mustered the courage to ask the next question, but I just had to know.

“And what about you, do you love her?”

He eyes, laced with fire, held my gaze. My eyes frantically searched his, anxiously waiting for his answer.

“There you guys are! I have been looking all over for you!” Amy’s chipper voice deflated our intense moment and snapped us back to reality. “It‘s time for dinner and everyone is there but you guys. We don’t want to keep everyone waiting. Come on!”

I grabbed my empty drink glass and we all headed to the dining room. Right before we went inside Amy told Jake we were going to the ladies’ room.

"So? What happened?"

"Amy, I swear, I feel like this is all a dream. My head is swimming in so many different directions, it's ridiculous."

"What did you guys talk about?"

"We talked about what we've been doing the last 10 years and then he asked me if I was married."

Amy opened her mouth wide getting ready to add her two cents, when I cut her off.

"I told him I wasn't married but I was dating someone casually and then I asked him if he was married. He told me he wasn't but he was seeing some wonderful girl named Vivienne for two years and his family loves her."

Amy instantly looked disappointed. "Well Lauren, I think if they're not married, or at least engaged, then it can’t be serious with this girl. There's no way."

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