My Forever Is You, Book 1: Reunited

By: Ashley Blake

“You look fantastic Lauren.”

“Thanks, so do you.” I felt myself blushing as I smiled back at him. What’s this? I haven’t felt like this since Jake!

“Amy, looking gorgeous as ever. I know how you’ve been; I see your product everywhere!”

“Thank you Adam. It’s good to see you! Yeah, things are good, traveling a lot for work. You know how it is.” Amy was modest. She didn’t like to brag about her success, but she had invented a line of shapewear our senior year that literally flew off the shelves. She was worth nearly 100 million dollars now and she still lived like a regular person. She had a townhouse in the city, she flew coach, and still shopped designer discount outlets. Of course she did indulge in a few luxuries here and there. One of the things I liked about Amy was that she didn’t let money change her. “How have you been?”

“Good, good, but busy. I started an advertising firm in Chicago a few years ago and things really took off about two years ago. I finally have time to see my friends and family.”

“You’re living in Chicago?” I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t know because I wasn’t involved with alumni anything. I wasn’t on any email chains and Amy was the only person from college I’d kept in touch with. I had been so focused on work that I let all of my college relationships fall by the wayside.

“I am, right in the city. I live in the West Loop.”

“Oh my gosh! I live in the Gold Coast!”

A big smile spread across his face. “I moved there five years ago. Have you been there since we graduated?”

“Yeah, and Amy lives there too, she’s in Lincoln Park. How cool is this?”

“It’s a really nice surprise.” He looked directly at me when he said that. “So uh, are you married? Kids?” He sounded a bit nervous.

I was surprised at how excited I felt talking with Adam. No, I’m not married and I really hope you aren’t either. “No, not married and no kids. Not yet anyway. And you?”

“Not yet for me either.” His blue eyes sparkled as he held my gaze. I felt my cheeks flush as I realized that I was attracted to him. I was always consumed with Jake in college and I never gave Adam a real look. Oh, I knew he was good-looking, everyone knew that. But I never thought about him romantically because I was so in love with Jake back then. Jake was not the jealous type. He was aware of Adam’s crush on me and I think it made him feel good to know that he had someone that someone else really wanted.

I could see Amy’s disapproval as she noticed the obvious chemistry between us.

“Hey I think Jake Hunter is coming to the reunion   also. It will be nice to catch up with him too, won’t it Lauren?”

I shot her an annoyed glance. Very subtle Amy.

I think I saw Adam flinch.

“Oh? How is Jake? Have you seen him recently?” His question was directed toward me and there was hidden meaning in Adam’s question and I knew it.

Amy jumped in before I had a chance to answer him. “We emailed back and forth and he told me he was going to be here. It will be good to see him after all this time. Don’t you think Lauren?”

She did it again and she was not very subtle. “I think it has been nice to see everyone so far after all this time Amy. And now that we know Adam lives in the same city that we do, we’ll be able to see a lot more of him.” I turned my smile toward him.

Adam’s face lit up as he smiled back at me.

“Speaking of getting together, we should exchange contact information.” I liked that he wasted no time asking for my info. Adam was always really assertive and I liked that. I knew for a fact that if I had not been with Jake I would definitely have dated Adam. Maybe we were seeing each other after all of this time for a reason. Maybe Jake Hunter was not the only man for me.

I was feeling pretty giddy at the prospect of someone new who was really not so new, and we had just finished exchanging information and were chatting about our favorite places in Chicago, when I was shocked into silence.


I heard that familiar deep voice behind me and started to panic. I almost dropped my drink. My heart was thumping so hard against my chest and my mouth was so dry I couldn’t even swallow. My stomach did flips as I slowly turned around and looked up into those gorgeous dark brown eyes.

He looked good; more mature and sure of himself. I was completely tongue-tied and I stood there unable to speak. Thankfully, Amy stepped in to save me.

“Jake! It’s so good to see you after all this time!” She gave him a big hug and he looked at me as he hugged her.

“Jake, good to see you.” Adam held out his hand and Jake gave him a half smile as he still held my gaze.

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