My Forever Is You, Book 1: Reunited

By: Ashley Blake

“It’s shapewear, not a girdle.” The words were ground out through Amy’s clenched teeth.

Arianna shot Amy a snide look, her lip curling up at the corner. “My apologies. Shapewear. Anyway, I didn’t remember you so I think I probably told them that. Congratulations on your success.” She sounded so insincere and rude but Amy didn’t say anything to her, she just let it go.

“Witch!” Amy whispered the word to me and I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was wringing the napkin that was sitting on her lap.

Jake was oblivious to the tension at the table. “I think it’s fantastic that you have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time Amy.” He turned his gaze to me. “And you too, Lauren.” His cold stare sent shivers down my spine.

He held my gaze, making me squirm under his stare. He looks like he cannot stand me!

“It’s fantastic that you were able to make partner so quickly Lauren. I’m sure it required a lot of hard work and late nights. What sacrifices you must have had to make. Was it worth it?” The fire in his eyes was like nothing I had ever seen and the nasty tone of his voice was downright painful. I was speechless. I felt so much resentment coming from Jake, I was dumbfounded. I could feel my eyes welling up and I refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing that he hurt me.

Amy could see that I was getting visibly upset and I felt her hand lightly pat my thigh as she chimed in.

“Was it worth it? Well, that’s the million dollar question for sacrificing anything, isn’t it? I say if you have achieved your goals then sacrifice is always worth it.”

“Even if you miss out on something…” Jake eyes shifted to me, “or someone that could have changed your life?”

I shivered under his intense gaze.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Adam look from me to Jake.

“Absolutely, and I will tell you why Jake.” Amy was on a roll and I was so happy she was there. “I believe that it is not possible to miss out on something or someone…if it was meant to be.”

“Meant to be, huh?” He sounded so jaded.

Amy was not fazed. “Yes, Jake. Meant to be, you know, destiny. If something is destined to be, it will happen no matter what obstacles are thrown into the mix. We can plan our lives until we are blue in the face, we can follow a perfect script, but plans get derailed all the time. We all know this at this table. I don’t think one person here can say that everything they planned in their lives has happened exactly as they planned it, right?” Amy looked around the table and everyone was nodding, even Arianna, although very reluctantly. “If something is meant to happen in your life, it will happen.” Amy looked at me and then looked at Jake and held his gaze. “Destiny is a powerful thing.”

Everyone was silent for a minute digesting Amy’s words, and she was absolutely right, if something was meant to be it would happen. But it was really hard for me to apply that belief to me and Jake. It was clear to me that Jake didn’t want anything to do with me. My heart broke the day I left him all those years ago, and it was breaking all over again today.

“I agree Amy, it is very powerful. I also think timing is a powerful thing. We might wonder why something didn’t work out at a particular time in our lives only to find out that the timing was off. And then later in life, we get a second chance at whatever or whomever, and timing is perfect and everything falls into place.” Adam boldly looked at me as the words rolled off his tongue.

I glanced at Jake and his eyes narrowed and he set his jaw. I had never seen such a dark expression on his face. Is he jealous?? The Jake I used to know was never jealous. He always considered it a compliment to him if someone else was interested in me.

Arianna seemed to be pleased that Jake and I weren’t getting along. She was literally pawing him at the table. She was seated right next to him and she flaunted their close proximity every chance she got.

“Jake, I’m going to have to eat with my other hand if we keep bumping elbows like this. You just want to touch me any chance you get, don’t you?” Arianna batted her eyes at him and I rolled my eyes at Amy. Desperate much? Witch.

Amy resorted to condescension as she spoke slowly to Arianna. “You know, Arianne, you could move your chair to the left and you would both have plenty of room.” I had to hold back my laughter at Amy’s sarcastic comment.

Arianna glared at Amy. “You know my name is Arianna not Arianne. Everyone knows who I am.” She tossed her hair over her shoulder as she leaned all the way down to her plate to take a bite of her food.

“Hmmm, that’s interesting Arianna. Did I get your name right? Anyway, that’s so interesting that you dip your face all the way down to your food. Dogs eat like that also.” Amy smirked at her as the words rolled off her tongue. Arianna’s face turned bright red as she glared at Amy, seething, but she didn’t dip her face down to her plate anymore during the evening.

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