Producing The Billionaire's Heir

By: Tiffany Madison

I almost blushed as I felt myself get wet. It made me feel embarrassed to touch myself. I was a good girl and I didn’t usually do those things. It felt so good, though, that sometimes I just couldn’t help it.

Just then I heard a knock on my door. I quickly pulled my panties back up, just in time for the door to open. It was Mr. Powers.

“Oh, excuse me Maddy,” he said. “I just wanted to let you know that dinner has been made for us. We’ll be downstairs waiting for you. Wear that pearl necklace that I gave you.”

I was standing there, covering up my boobs with both hands. I was so embarrassed that my face turned bright red.

“I’ll be down in a second,” I said.

He just stood there and stared at me for a moment. You could feel the tension in the air. It wasn’t a bad tension, though. In fact, it was electric. For a second, it was as though we were being magnetically pulled towards each other. Then as quickly as that happened, he turned around and walked out, closing the door behind him.

I put on a black dress and the pearl necklace he had given me just weeks before. I walked downstairs to the dining hall where my mom and Mr. Powers were already seated. There were just three of us eating, but there was seating for at least 20 at the table. The butlers carried out each course of the meal. It was super fancy and I almost felt out of place.

“A toast,” Mr. Powers said, holding up his wine glass. “A toast to the newest women in my life. To the women who will help me carry on my legacy and be with me in my ongoing quest for prosperity.”

We clicked our glasses together and started to eat dinner.

“You look beautiful by the way,” Mr. Powers said to me.

I smiled and said, “Thank you.”

I could have sworn he was looking at my boobs again. His eyes seemed to be undressing me at the dinner table.

“So, John tells me that he bought you a new wardrobe, honey. Is that true?” my mom asked me.

“Yes! It’s amazing Mom! You should see all of the nice clothes I have!”

Then she got a stern look on her face. “You just have to remember, honey, nothing is free in this world. I don’t want you to get too spoiled.”

Before I could respond, Mr. Powers interrupted. “Maddy, she’s right. I’ve worked very hard for what I have. Nothing came free to me.”

I felt like I was a little kid getting lectured by my parents. I was 18 years old, though. I was an adult and I wasn’t stupid.

“May I be excused?” I asked.

I just wanted to go up to my room and relax. It had been a long day of moving and I wanted nothing more than to just text my girlfriends who were back in college. I had a lot of news to share with them.

I walked back upstairs to my room and laid down on the bed. I had a lot of things to think about. I had gone from having virtually nothing my entire life, to having every material thing a person could want. It was very surreal. I glanced over at my dresser, which was covered in jewelry. Diamond earrings and necklaces were sorted neatly for my choosing.

I unclipped the pearl necklace I was wearing and put it on the dresser. I laid back down, still in my dress. I could hear Mom and Mr. Powers downstairs talking and laughing.

I picked up my cell phone and sent a text to my girlfriend, Anna, who was in her first year in college. I told her about my new life and how strange it was to have such a sudden change. She sounded like she was a little bit jealous. She said that she was struggling financially and that college was costing her a fortune. I could relate to that. I had spent the majority of my life in financial ruins.

We texted back and forth for at least and hour and then I started to doze off a bit. I don’t know if I fell asleep for long, but I was startled awake when I heard my bedroom door open slowly. My room was dark and when I rolled over to see who it was, I had a hard time making it out.

The door opened a little bit further and I could tell by the silhouette who it was. It was Mr. Powers, still in the suit he was wearing at dinner. His muscular figure and authoritative presence was a dead give away.

He walked up to the foot of my bed and then sat down at the end. He put his hand on my calf and lightly touched it up and down.

“Maddy,” he said, in a low and serious tone. “Nothing in this life comes free. Your Mom told you that at dinner time.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked him.

I hesitantly pulled my leg away from him. I kind of liked him touching me, but I knew it wasn’t right.

“I need someone to be my heir,” he said, his hand moving back to my leg and up my inner thigh. “I need somebody to leave my fortune to when I’m gone some day. I’m willing to leave it all to you and your mom, but I want certain things. My entire life, I’ve had more money than anyone could ever dream of. There was always something missing, though. I could never put my finger on it, until I met you. Then I knew what I had to have.”

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