Producing The Billionaire's Heir

By: Tiffany Madison

“Maddy. I’ve heard a lot about you already. Mr. Powers seems to have taken quite a liking to both of you. I don’t usually see him as happy as he has been.”

I watched as my mom blushed. “Well, we have taken quite a liking to him as well,” she said.

“By the way, my name is Kyle Bonser. If you need anything at all, please let me know. I am Mr. Powers security coordinator.”

Kyle went back into the security room and hit a button, opening the gate. It felt like the gates of heaven were opening for us. Ahead of us was a winding driveway leading up to a giant mansion.

As we pulled up the driveway, I noticed gardeners on either side, tending to the huge flower gardens. It was like nothing I had ever seen in my life. Everything was manicured to perfection. I literally felt like a princess riding up to her castle.

We drove to the front steps of the mansion. Parked in front were two brand new Mercedes.

How many cars does he have? I thought to myself.

I got out of the car and looked around, taking it all in. His mansion was four stories tall and made out of stone. It couldn’t have been more than just a few years old. Everything looked brand new.

I saw the front door open and out walked Mr. Powers. He was wearing a grey suit with a purple shirt underneath. He was so stylish and handsome.

“Welcome home my dears,” he said as he strolled down the stairs. “Did you notice the housewarming gifts I bought you ladies?”

He pointed to the two Mercedes that were parked in the driveway.

“No way!” I screamed and ran up and gave him a big hug. As I stepped back, I noticed that my shirt had fallen down loosely, exposing my cleavage. For a second, I thought I caught Mr. Powers looking at my breasts.

“Let me give you the grand tour,” he said as he motioned for me to step into the mansion.

I still couldn’t get over the fact that I had a new car. Not just any regular car either. He bought my mom and I each a Mercedes.

I followed him into the main room of the house. I looked up to see that the ceiling went all the way to the fourth floor. There were balconies on every floor, overlooking the entrance.

“Well, what do you think so far?” he asked.

I was speechless. My entire life had gone from rags to riches, practically over night.

“It’s all yours too, Maddy. Yours and your mom’s. There are, of course, just a few small rules. But we can cover that later,” Mr. Powers said, smiling. He then glanced at my mom.

Rules? Was he joking? I couldn’t tell if he was joking, I thought to myself.

Well if the worse thing he was going to do was give me a curfew or something, then I had no complaints at all.


I spent the day exploring the house by myself. Mom and Mr. Powers had gone up to the master suite. I had a pretty good idea of what they were doing. This gave me the freedom I needed to roam my new house.

I went out to the balcony that faced the courtyard and the golf course. It was a cool evening and you could see some fireflies dancing in the distance. I took a deep breath of the fresh air. There was so much for me to take it. It felt like the past 18 years of my life had been a bad dream and now I was waking up.

I walked back into the house and down the hall towards my new bedroom. I decided I would spend the night trying on all of my new clothes. Mr. Powers had stocked my closet full of cute clothes. His stylist picked everything out for me. It had to have cost a fortune because everything was designer brand. I had never seen any of those clothes in the stores that I was used to shopping in.

I stood in front of the mirror and slipped my t-shirt over my head. I then pulled down my jeans so that I was wearing only my panties. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was a little bit shy about my body. I developed early, so I had big boobs since middle school. I was the talk of the school when I came back from summer break. A lot of girls were jealous of me, but I was actually embarrassed by all of the attention.

I brought my hands to my breasts and squeezed them lightly. It always turned me on when I touched them. I liked looking at myself in the mirror as I ran my fingers over my nipples.

Even though my breasts were big at a young age, I still had small hips. I figured I would always have small hips, though, since my mom did.

I started thinking about what it would feel like to have sex for the first time. It was hard to imagine it, since the closest I had come was with my two fingers. Some of my girlfriends said that it hurt and others said it felt amazing. I wondered what it would be like for me. I hoped that it would be with a man who loved me and wanted to be with me forever.

The thought of having sex started to turn me on. I let my hands glide down my side and down to my panties. I grabbed them and gently slid them down to my knees. I took one hand and started rubbing my fingers over my pussy. It made me wet almost instantly.

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