Holly's Awakening

By: Sam Crescent

Before she could stop herself, Holly stood up from her chair and moved over to the door.

“Fuck, your mouth is good on me.”

Stepping quietly she moved to where the door was open enough for her to look. She hated her curiosity more than anything. If Steven wanted her to see what was going on he’d leave the door open wide.

Covering her mouth, Holly did everything she could in order to contain her gasp.

Steven was on his knees in front of Kade. What she saw left nothing to the imagination. Kade’s jeans were down to his ankles, and his long, thick cock was deep inside Steven’s mouth.

Her boss’s head was bobbing on the length. Their moans echoed around the room.

“I’m going to come. You better be ready for a load of my cum. You’re going to swallow every single drop.”

Heat hit her between the legs. Her nipples hardened at the sudden fire inside her. What she was witnessing turned her on.

Kade grunted, and she saw Steven’s throat working to swallow all of his load. Licking her lips she took a step back. Her jeans were too long, and she ended up trapped around her own ankles. Letting out a squeal, Holly fell in a heap on the floor. There was nothing else that could complete her humiliation.

The two men she worked for opened the door. Kade didn’t wear a shirt, and he was buckling up his jeans on the way out.

Her cheeks must be aflame from embarrassment. They must know she’d seen them in a tryst. Not only that they must see she was turned on by what she saw.

“Are you all right?” Steven asked.

She nodded, turning her head away. Her predicament was so humiliating.

“I’m fine.”

“Did you enjoy the show?” Kade asked.


Holly jerked and looked at him. Fisting her hands at her sides she faced Kade. “What?”

“Come on, baby, I know you were watching. Did it get you hot to see us together?” Kade asked.

Steven took a step back, but she still felt his gaze on her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said.

His chest was hard, muscular, and he made her mouth water for a taste of him.

“No?” In one swift movement Kade had her sweater off her. She didn’t see any reason to fight him, and by the time he’d gotten it over head she’d already complied, lifting her arms up in order to help him.

Kade’s hand went to her breast. He cupped her through her shirt. “You were watching, Holly, and you were turned on.” His thumb grazed her nipple. “Don’t lie.”

Looking at the ground she felt mortified that he’d seen her.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“All I want to know is if you liked it?” Kade took a step closer. His hand pressed between her thighs making her gasp. What the hell was she supposed to do or say?

Chapter Three

Kade wasn’t backing down. He refused to. The instant she’d come back from lunch he’d heard her. He’d made sure to speak loud enough for her to hear. If she couldn’t stomach the sight of him and Steven together then he wasn’t wasting time with her tonight. The only way their relationship was to work was for all of them to handle each other carefully. From her hard nipples and the heat coming from her pussy, Kade believed she really liked seeing them together.

Steven stood away from them, and for that he was grateful. Kade knew how to work his magic better than anyone, and he wasn’t blowing his own trumpet when he said that. It was the truth.

“You can’t lie. I bet your pussy is dripping wet for me, isn’t it?” he asked.

Her gaze hadn’t dropped from his. Her lips were full and plump, totally inviting.

“I … liked … it,” she said, gasping between each word.

“That’s right, baby. Don’t lie to me. You ever lie to me and you’ll be punished.” Her eyes widened, but she still didn’t pull away.

She looked more turned on than anything.

He rubbed her pussy through her jeans. He wondered if she was bare or trimmed down below. Even though she covered up her body he guessed she kept everything well kept.

“I’m a virgin,” she said. Her hands went to her mouth covering them up. Kade paused in his caress. Glancing over at Steven he saw the smile on his lover’s face.

“Did you know about this?” he asked.

“I figured she was. She doesn’t look like the kind of woman to spread it around town.” Steven shrugged. He could be such a prude. “Didn’t you want a virgin? A woman to train for your own desires?”

Kade closed his eyes trying to block out the pleasure of having a woman for his own. Holly didn’t look frightened by his touch. From the look in her eyes she seemed more intrigued than anything.

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