Holly's Awakening

By: Sam Crescent

“I never thought Holly would leave her brothers and sisters. I’m talking to our lawyer about possible guardianship,” Steven said, sitting down on the long sofa.

“You’re serious about this? Guardianship for five kids?” Kade asked.

“Not all of them are kids, and they’re good people. I’ve seen them, and they deserve some happiness as well.” Steven grabbed Kade’s legs and placed them over his lap. “Did you get everything you wanted from the pleasure house?”

“Yeah. Callie appreciated our custom.” He’d purchased some new dildos, clamps, and cuffs. Kade already owned a selection of whips and chains that he couldn’t wait to try out on their new bed partner.

“I bet she did.”

“The Elliot twins were bugging her again. I think she was just happy to get them out of her hair.” Kade chuckled as he remembered the look on Bronson’s and Andrew’s faces when he asked for assistance. Callie was never going to do it for him. The pleasure shop owner may know what the difference was between a butt plug and a vibrator, but Kade wasn’t attracted to Callie at all.


The following day Steven waited for Holly to get into work. Kade started working on the ranch early, and he’d decided to get into the office in order to complete everything for Friday. When five came on Friday, Steven didn’t want to have to worry about working late. Kade had promised Steven he’d be back home and ready to take care of Holly.

Steven had already decided he wouldn’t partake in any of the initial activities. He was going to sit and watch. Kade held the experience on taking care of a sub. Steven was a dominant man, but he wasn’t a Dom. He liked to be in charge and maybe tie his woman up a couple of times, but he wasn’t trained like Kade was. The only way to bring Holly to them was through Kade’s guidance and training.

He and Kade had been good friends for a long time. They were friends through high-school and college. Once they were back in Creek Valley they’d become business partners and taken over their parents’ ranches. The Edwards and Clark ranches used to be small and work side by side. Together they’d torn down the barriers between their ranches and invested a lot of time and money to bring them up to date.

What helped their cause was the fact Steven was a wealthy man, and it wasn’t down to working the ranch. Back in college he’d had a keen eye in the stock markets and made plenty of money back then. He still dabbled in the stock markets, and his wealth was solid.

The only thing Steven was missing was a family. He loved Kade with his whole heart. Being with him was like floating in a swimming pool. Steven felt relaxed and comforted with him around. His love for Kade would never diminish or disappear. They were destined to be together. All they missed was a woman.

When they first slept together they both agreed that even though they loved each other, they needed a woman to complete them. Steven wanted to be a father. He wanted a warm feminine body to curl around or to be curled up to, and he needed Kade in his life. From their conversation last night, it was what Kade wanted as well.

He heard Holly walk into the office. His door was open, and he was able to watch her without Holly being aware of it. She placed her large bag on the counter, rubbed her eyes, and her shoulders slumped. Wearing a large sweater, again, she looked so lost.

Looking at her, Steven was sure Holly was on the verge of breaking apart. She appeared so fragile. After a few seconds she took some deep breaths. He saw her close her eyes, mutter, and then turn away to put her purse away.

Going to the doorway he caught her gaze as she lifted the coffee pot.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart?” he asked.

“Nothing. I’m fine. I’m just thinking about what we’ve got to do today.” Her hands shook as she poured some coffee into a cup. The shaking was too bad, and she spilt some hot coffee over her hand. She gasped out, hissing and dropping the cup.

Steven went to her instantly.

“I’m so sorry. I’m such a klutz.” Holly tried to clean the mess.

“Leave it.” He made sure his words came out as an order.

She stopped and stood. He lifted her hand to assess the damage. There was a red patch on her hand but nothing serious.

“Why are you so nervous? What’s happened today?” he asked.

Holly nibbled her lip.

“You’ve got to tell me.”

“One of my brothers got suspended for fighting. He’s at home, but he won’t tell me why he started a fight. Eric is usually a good boy. He’s fourteen and behaves like he’s older. I need John to talk to him, but there wasn’t any time. We’d have been late otherwise.”

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