Holly's Awakening

By: Sam Crescent

“They’re like Holly and John. I’ve seen them in town. None of them want to be anything like their father. They sneer at him when he’s not looking.”

They both paused as John helped Holly to her feet. She was a thicker woman, but she was a lot shorter than a lot of women. Her weight was highlighted by that.

Kade and Steven turned away as the couple made it back towards the offices, which he kept at the side of the house. The ranch both he and Kade owned was one of the largest in Creek Valley. The next largest one was run by Gavin Powell.

“I’m going to take a trip into town to visit the pleasure shop.”

The pleasure shop, which was run by Callie Sampson, was the only sex shop in town. She’d opened it three years ago, and the place had become an overnight success. Steven had a lot of respect for Callie. She fought hard to get her shop open and worked even harder to keep it running.

“Bring back lots of condoms. I’m only going to be able to watch for so long,” Steven said. He got hard instantly whenever Holly was around. She turned him and made him forget who he was at times. Steven didn’t understand the control she held over him.

Kade grasped his arm and turned him. Steven looked into Kade’s dark brown eyes. There were times they looked black, they were so dark.

“You’re doing that thing again,” Kade said. His voice thickened.


“Staring at me like you want to fuck me.”

Steven smiled. “I always want to fuck you, Kade. That’s never been a problem.”

“No, the problem starts when you won’t do as you’re told.” Kade groaned, taking his lips in a searing kiss. Steven broke away when he heard the door open.

“I told you, I’m not doing as I’m told when you won’t do as you’re told,” Steven said, arguing with him.

They were the same kind of men: dominating, controlling, and both in need of a submissive to balance them out. Holly knocked on the door once again.

Kade slammed his lips down on Steven’s stopping him from responding to her knock. He imagined her standing there outside his door waiting.

“Remember, it’s about what we both want,” Kade said, breaking the kiss.

“I would never forget.” Their love was shocking and powerful. “Holly is what we both want and need, and you can’t deny that.”

“I won’t.” Kade cupped his face. “I’ll see you after five.”

Steven watched his lover walk to the door. Holly stood waiting. She glanced up at Kade, blushed and looked down at the floor.

“He’s all yours, sweetheart.” Kade cupped her cheek, tilted her head back and brushed his lips against hers. Steven watched and got instantly hard. “Take care of him for me.”

Holly was bright red by the time she walked into his office.


“Don’t worry about it, baby. Kade knows what he’s doing.”

“I-I didn’t encourage him.”

His heart went out to her. Wrapping his arms around her, Steven pulled her close and inhaled her strawberry scent. She always smelled like strawberries to him.

“I know you didn’t. Kade’s his own person, and I’m not going to have a problem with that at all.”

She frowned glancing up at him. “I don’t get it.”

“You’ll get it soon.” Stroking her cheek, Steven was caught again by her shyness and her submissiveness. Holly was perfect for both him and Kade. He’d spent the last couple of years watching her.

When she’d left school she worked at the small supermarket in town as one of the cashiers. Steven always made sure he shopped when she was working and stood in line for her to serve him.

He’d been the one to suggest she work for him. That was a year ago. For the last year he’d observed her working and couldn’t stop his feelings from developing.

Steven had noted Kade’s attention toward her. His lover might hate the way she dressed, but he’d taken more note of her than he had of any other woman who’d tried it on with him. They hadn’t taken a woman since they’d become exclusive. There was a time when they were only friends sharing a woman between them. That soon changed as their attraction developed between each other.

Handing Holly some paperwork, Steven couldn’t tear his gaze away from her retreating figure.

Shit, he wanted her badly.

Chapter Two

Kade waited for John Walker to finish packing up his shit before talking to him. John was the only person Kade knew connected to Holly. He wanted to make sure Steven wasn’t putting them in some kind of danger because he was feeling guilty or some shit.

“What’s the matter, Boss?” John asked, turning to face him. The other man wiped his hands on his jeans waiting for Kade to answer.

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