Holly's Awakening

By: Sam Crescent

Giving her body, heart, mind, and soul was a liberating experience, and in turn, they gave her explicit pleasure. No matter what she asked for, they found some way to give it to her.

Her love was never going to change. Kade and Steven were lovers, and they were her two men.

Kade cried out, and she felt his cock kick inside her. “I can’t wait until we can lose the condoms again.”

She’d tried going on the pill, but within a month she’d started getting side-effects from it. Her men had agreed to use condoms for the time being.

All three of them collapsed on the sofa, pleasured and sated. Kade rested his head between her breasts. “I’m never going to get bored of this,” he said.

She chuckled and moaned as the jolt jabbed Steven’s cock deeper. Even flaccid both men were impressive to have inside her.

“Can I be the first person to say how much I love my life?” Steven said.

“I’ll second that,” Kade added.

“And I’ll third it.” She ran her fingers through Kade’s hair, feeling Steven’s hands caress her arms.

There was nothing holding them back from the future. Her parents were out of the picture. Her brothers and sisters were flourishing from the care being given to them.

Tilting Kade’s head up to look at her, she dropped her lips to kiss him.

“You can forget the condoms if you want.” She wasn’t going anywhere, and neither were they. A baby wouldn’t be a problem. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to feel a baby growing inside.

Kade and Steven didn’t answer her with words. Each of them claimed her mouth. That night, they each took her pussy without condoms. There was no regret, only pure happiness.

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