Holly's Awakening

By: Sam Crescent

“What should have happened from the very beginning, Holly. Are you attracted to us?”

His question made her groan. She didn’t want to answer him. Why couldn’t he leave the questions out of it?

“Answer me,” he said.

“Yes, answer him, Holly,” Kade said, standing in front of her.

She gasped. Holly hadn’t even seen him approach.

“I wondered when you’d turn up,” Steven said.

Kade didn’t wear a shirt, and his tanned flesh was on glorious display. She dropped her gaze to look up and down his body. His thick rod was outlined through the jeans. Her mouth watered remembering what she’d seen of him.

“Yes, I’m attracted to you.” Her cheeks must be hot to the touch. Both men were crowding her in ways she didn’t think possible. There was a whole new pulse between her thighs that couldn’t be described as anything other than the pleasure they were working up.

“You’re so beautiful.” Steven pressed on her back, moving her away from him.

Kade pulled the band from her hair making her hair fall around her shoulders. No protest left her lips. He took her sweater from her next until she stood in front of him in a clinging shirt and jeans with her hair framing her face.

His fingers sank into the length and fanned it out. She’d never liked her hair as the colour always made her think of mousy brown hair. Her father would laugh at her timid behaviour and call her “mouse” or anything derogatory he could think of.

“I think we should take this inside,” Steven said.

Kade took the lead, taking her hand and walking her through the office into the main house. She’d never been to the main house before. Holly knew Steven liked to keep work and living separate. She rarely saw him leaving the offices to go home.

Instead of going upstairs, Kade led her through to the sitting room. There was a long sofa with three individual chairs surrounding a small wood coffee table. Steven removed the coffee table, and Kade stood her where it had been. On the wall was a large plasma television. The room felt homey and comforting. In the small trailer there was only room for a few deck chairs. She hated living in a trailer with her family.

In time she hoped to get something better. With her father always taking her money her dreams seemed to be shattering around her.

For so long she’d held all the emotions at bay. She never cried anymore or yelled at anyone. Day after day she went through the motions not doing anything to stop what was happening. In the few short moments she’d been with Steven and Kade she felt like opening up and screaming.

She didn’t. Holly kept her words to herself as Kade circled her. Steven took a seat on the left chair. His legs were splayed open watching her.

“When was the last time you felt anything?” Kade asked.

Jerking her eyes up to the man dominating her space she saw him looking deep into her eyes. No, he wasn’t looking deep into her eyes. He was searching far deeper than anyone had ever dared.

Breaking eye contact she looked at the floor.

“You can hide all you want. For the last year I’ve watched you. You never show anything of yourself.” He moved behind her wrapping his arms around her and turned her in the direction of Steven. “You wear ugly fucking sweaters to hide from everyone. Your hair is always pulled into a pony tail.” As he spoke Kade wrapped her hair around his fist pulling on the strands. She gasped, and tears sprang to her eyes. “When did you stop feeling?”

“How do you know this?” she asked, shocked by how assertive he was. Even her brother didn’t know the true pain she felt. When her father hit her she didn’t feel anything. The pain no longer registered inside her. His words and the way her life were going no longer felt worth it.

“Because I know what you’re doing. You’re blanking everything out. You’re shutting yourself down to numb your body.” A hand moved down to cup her breast then down to palm her pussy. “Apart from this afternoon and the other day when I removed your sweater, you haven’t felt anything. I saw the shock in your eyes and the yearning when it went away. I’ve watched you a long time.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Is it?” Steven asked. “You’re going through life doing nothing because it hurts too damn much. When you’re with us I see the yearning as well. We’re going to open you up, baby. You’ll flower between us.”

“The only question, Holly, is do you trust us enough to give yourself to us?” Kade asked. He nibbled her ear teasing her.

The fire started instantly inside her. Closing her eyes, she sank against his warmth and wished she could open up like other women.

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