The Bad Boys' Reluctant Woman

By: Sam Crescent

He stepped out of the way and made room for Connor.

There was a darkness inside the younger man. His seduction required submission. Brent stared at Zoe and wondered if she’d ever be able to satisfy the dark need inside his best friend.

He hoped so. They all had feelings for Zoe ever since the first night they met her while she’d been working behind the bar. She’d been quiet and reserved, totally slamming down any guy who tried to touch her.

They had all agreed they wanted a shot at Zoe. Their feelings were not love, at least not yet, but Brent hoped they’d finally found the one. His book writing and fantasies were growing every day. He wondered if his publisher would be able to keep up with all the new material he was supplying.


Connor Andrews stared down at Zoe. Her nipples were poking against the front of her shirt. Did she even know how turned on she looked? Her face was flushed and her lips swollen. She looked fucking hot. Connor wanted to see her lips wrapped around his dick as Brent and Jake fucked her cunt and ass. He was a sick bastard. The only way he could get his rocks off was to watch other men with his woman. They’d all had their own separate relationships growing up, but none of them had been as satisfying as sharing the same woman.

Zoe was that woman. He felt it and knew it deep in his heart.

He didn’t know if the other two felt the same way. Zoe was lonely and in her own way broken. He understood and respected it. Connor knew what it was like to be surrounded by people and still be alone.

Shaking off the memories, he pushed them to the back of his mind and stared down at her swollen lips and lust-filled eyes.

“You want us, Zoe,” he said. Connor had plenty of other names for her, but for now, he’d use her name.

“No, I don’t.”

He reached out and pressed a thumb against her nipple. She gasped. Connor waited for her to push him away. Nothing happened. Her lips grew wet when she licked them. She stared at him.

Jake and Brent were waiting for him in case he made a mistake. They said not to push Zoe into running away. Connor didn’t see any other alternative than to push Zoe into realising that no matter what she said or did, they were not going anywhere.

“I bet if I touch your pussy, you’ll be soaking wet.”

“You need to take your kiss and let me get back to my shift.”

“Fine.” Connor leaned down and pecked her on the cheek. “Have a good shift.” He turned and walked away. His cock was like stone in his pants. He’d gotten what he wanted, the hurt look in her eyes along with the disappointment. Zoe could pretend all she wanted that she didn’t want them, but he knew differently.

Her whole body was primed and ready for them.

Jake and Brent followed him back into The Dugout. None of them said a word. Vicki brought them over a drink then went back to the bar.

Zoe walked behind the bar. He noted across the distance that her hands were shaking.

“What was that?” Jake asked.

“We’ve tried it both of your ways. We’ve tried giving her what she wants, space which was your idea, Jake. Then we went for the whole jealousy routine with you, Brent. Now, we do this my way.”

He took a swallow of beer and kept his gaze on Zoe at all times. A couple of men reached out to touch her. The hold he had on the beer tightened, Connor was prepared to take the man out, but then Zoe slapped the hand away.

Good girl.

“What exactly is your way?” Jake asked.

“Full on seduction. She goes nowhere without one of us present.”

“That was my suggestion,” Jake said.

“No, your suggestion was to pester her with company. I suggest we go after what we want. Zoe, naked, with all of us in the room. I say we stop hiding behind kind smiles or sweet words. Let’s show her what it really means to take on a Law Castle bad boy.” Connor took a generous gulp of alcohol.

The name of the group, The Law Castle Bad Boys, had become like a tourist attraction to women looking to have a good time. It was not a bikers club or anything. Rather, it was a bunch of men who loved to have a good time and get laid.

Noah and Drew were together with Cheryl and were still part of the Bad Boys. He’d found a family with the whole group of members. Jake and Brent were his family.

Several women approached the table to try to get them to dance. Each of them shot them down. There had been a time when Connor would take them home and try to sate the appetite within him. Everything he did refused to work. When he was with a woman with Jake and Brent, his needs were satisfied with watching their woman come apart from the pleasure. When it was just him, he needed to tie them up and to have total control.

He shook his head to try to clear the hazy thoughts. Connor had never let go with any woman. He was the one in control and giving out the orders. That was the way he liked it, and that was the way it was going to stay.

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