The Bad Boys' Reluctant Woman

By: Sam Crescent

“I’m going out for a break,” Zoe said.

Vicki shook her hand in acknowledgement. Out in the cold night air, Zoe took several deep breaths.

Why hadn’t she recognised the change in Vicki? The other woman talked about everything from the colour of her nails to her recent boyfriend. When had Vicki stopped talking to her? Zoe shook her head trying to clear her disgruntled thoughts. It wasn’t Vicki’s fault she’d refused to get to know people.

Tears filled her eyes as the pain eased into her heart and soul. She had no one. Everyone who tried to be near her, she pushed away. Shaking her head, she tried to wipe the tears from her eyes. Resting her head against the wall behind her, she closed her eyes until the pain within her heart began to ease.

She sensed someone else near. Opening her eyes, she stared into the warmest green eyes she’d ever seen.

“I thought I’d find you here,” Jake said.

He was the closest. Connor and Brent leaned up on either side of the wall. Zoe felt no fear, only a deep sense of belonging. They were the only men to ever care if she was alive or dead. A pulse of heat went straight to her clit. Their thick bodies called to her in a way no other person had. The pleasure that could be gained from those three men would be worth the heartache they’d surely cause.

She folded her arms under her chest. No matter how much pleasure could be gained with them, she refused to make such a connection.

Her walls went up, and the war was back on.


Jake Wills had seen the change within her. For a split second her defences had come down, and he’d seen the softening in her eyes. Zoe was scared to let anyone in. He understood her, but he wished he knew why. What had happened in her life for her to not trust anyone? No matter how many times he asked himself these questions, they would never be the true answers that Zoe, herself, could give him.

“Why are you here?” she asked. The attitude was back in place. Her bitch mode was locked on. She’d try to crush a few balls and a lot of egos with her attitude. It was a damn good thing he’d spent the last thirty years keeping his ego firmly in place.

He placed a hand on either side of her head. She was a tiny little thing. Her gaze strayed to the muscles in his arms. Jake had learned early on how much she liked his muscles. Her gaze always strayed to them when he put them on display. If she liked the thought of seeing his strength, he was more than happy to show her where else he was well muscled. His cock thickened at the thought of being naked with her. He wanted her so badly. Nearly every night he woke up in a cold sweat with the need to release himself in her body.

“We saw you leave and figured we’d come and say hi to our woman,” he said. Connor and Brent were smiling at him. He felt their laughter but kept his gaze on the startled woman in front of him. They’d all agreed she was the right woman for them. Since they were all in high school together, all three of them had realised they found the same woman attractive. It was one piece of string that tightened their bond together as best friends. . They were thicker than any blood-related bond. Tighter than brothers, or at least he liked to think so. He would do anything for the two men at his side and vice versa. They owned a small house just on the corner of Law Castle. It overlooked the town square, and ‘round the back, the view of the mountains in winter was worth every penny they had spent. All three of them worked at Noah and Drew’s mechanic shop. When they weren’t working, they had their own hobbies, which brought in the extra money to pay for the house.

“I’m surprised I took precedence. I saw plenty of women ready to ride your cocks, all the way home. Take one of them because you’re never getting me.” She made to brush past him. His arms kept her in place. If she brushed past him, she’d have to touch him. He hoped she had the guts to make that move.

Jake wanted to feel her full warm body against his own. The shirt she wore did nothing for her figure. The shirt hung past her voluptuous ass and was one of those shirts that tend to have a lame-ass advertisement on the front. He hated them. Zoe needed the shirts that hugged her breasts and showed off her full figure to perfection.

No, she wasn’t a thin super-model type woman. Her ass was full and her tits large. His desperation for her was increasing with every passing day.

“Baby, not one of those women hold a candle to you. You’re the one we want.”


Brent chuckled. “Yeah, we,” he said.

“Come on, Zoe, give us a chance,” Connor said.

She shook her head. “I thought you wanted to take it in turns?”

So, she’d been thinking about being with them. Jake turned his gaze to each man and saw they’d gotten the same message also. From the look of shock on her face, Zoe didn’t realise what she’d said to them.

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