Journey to Fortune [Power Surge

By: Dixie Lynn Dywer

“Because we’ve been carrying you around for the last three months, and we like it,” Hudson said as he caressed her hair, while she laid her head on Jagger’s shoulder.

“But we have a house full of guests arriving and there’s so much to be done.”

“Our friends know that we love you and adore you. Besides, they would carry their women around, too, if she needed pampering.”

She was going to argue, but truth be told, she loved them carrying her around as if she were light as a feather. Their big strong muscles had held her close and kept her safe since returning home to their penthouse after the hospital. Now, they were all celebrating with their friends at a weekend-long barbeque at Hudson and Jagger’s vacation home in the Adirondacks.

The house was spectacular, and it sat on a private lake with a beautiful beach they would enjoy all weekend long.

“There they are. What took you three so long?” Jett asked as he popped a cherry tomato into his mouth and smiled.

“They were insisting on carrying me still.”

“Get used to it, princess. You feel best in my arms and not at a distance,” Jagger told her, as he gently set her feet down onto the floor and then kissed her softly.

She shook her head, but felt her cheeks warm from his public show of affection.

“Well, I don’t blame them at all. If you were my woman, I would be carrying you everywhere as well, and keeping you as close as possible,” Flynn stated. She smiled, and then looked at Adelina.

Adelina was placing the steaks onto a large platter to be cooked. They locked gazes and Tia Rose winked at her. She hoped that Jett and Flynn made a move sooner than later. Those two had to be the most stubborn men around. Over the last few months, Adelina and Tia had become good friends, as well as Toni, Chiara, and Chastity. They had formed a bond between the five of them, and Tia Rose felt so lucky. She never had any good friends, just like she never had any family. As they made their way outside, she spotted Sean, standing by the grill cooking up some fresh clams. He had a huge smile on his face as he spoke with Nash and Riker, while Emerson and Stone held Toni between them as they joked around about something.

Sean had come so far and with the help of all their new friends, the charges were dropped against Sean. Chiara got Sean a job in her company. He was working from the bottom up, and currently worked in the factory where they brought in the fresh fish to then create all the packaged items her company was known for. He loved it, and she was so very proud of him.

Hudson approached and placed his hands on her shoulders. She leaned back against him as they joined the conversation. Jagger smiled at her, and then ran his knuckles gently against her cheek. She smiled softly, thinking about what her two men told her, the day she awoke in the hospital. She would never forget it, and she knew that she would love them forever.

“You’re our everything, Tia Rose. Before we met you, we thought that achieving money and power made us everything,” Hudson told her.

“We worked so hard to make our money and to never feel the struggles of not knowing where the next meal was again, or not being able to afford a pair of shoes, or a blanket to keep warm,” Jagger added.

“We wanted so much and focused so much on our journey to getting rich and never being poor, yet ultimately we were still empty, in here.” Hudson pointed to his heart.

“Meeting you changed everything for us. You’re more important than money, than power, or anything materialistic we could ever buy or want.” Jagger held her gaze with his gorgeous hazel eyes.

“Our journey to fortune wasn’t the billions we made and continue to make. Our fortune is you, Tia Rose. We love you,” Hudson said.

“We love you more than anything. Stay with us forever. Be our woman, our treasure, our everything?” Jagger asked

“And we promise to give you the world,” Hudson added.

“I love you both so much. I thought I would never be loved or cared for by anyone, but the two of you opened up my world and gave me a new perspective on life. I want to be your woman. But I’m the fortunate one. I have two perfect men who love me and the family I always wanted.”

Tia smiled at the memory, and absorbed the laughter around them, and the simple normalcy of having a family and enjoying their company. Life couldn’t get any better than this. She felt complete for the first time in her life. There were no more negative thoughts. No more fears of not being good enough. Just lots and lots of happiness and love, and she owed it to her two sexy billionaire boyfriends, whom she would love for the rest of her life and with all her heart.

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