Billionaire Bad Boy

By: C.J.Archer

"So do you like LA?" he asked, hoping to relax her with idle chatter. She was so tense, like a coil spring wound tight. He had a task ahead of him.

She creased her brow in that cute way he already decided he liked, and glared at him. Great, she was going to argue with him. Again. Jeez, she was uptight, and smart. Bob could've warned him. It seemed nothing he said, no matter how innocent the intention, slipped past her. But far from being annoyed, he found it challenging. That was one thing his life lacked these days.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked, her blue eyes narrowing. She had amazingly long lashes that leant Fifties-style innocent beauty to her pretty face. She wasn't attractive in the classic sense, although there was something about her high cheekbones and wide eyes that he found interesting and ethereal. With heavier makeup and elegantly messy hair, she could definitely pass for a twenty-something with attitude. She had the attitude part down already.

"It's supposed to mean, do you like LA? Nothing hidden there, Annie. Don't challenge everything I say. Although it's a step in the right direction as far as turning you into a rebel is concerned."

She bristled. Why did she do that? Did she have a deep, dark secret that involved rebels? Or was she just a woman who didn't like a man telling her what to do?

If that were the case, she was definitely not his type.

"LA's okay," she conceded with a shrug. "I've always lived here, so I don't know anything else. You?"

He drew in a deep breath, warring with himself. Should he give away more information than he usually did on a first, second or third date? Most women didn't seem really interested in his background, but Annie leaned forward in her seat and watched him intently. For once, he felt like the woman he was with really wanted to know more about him. Not how much money he earned or what cars he drove, but his family, his background—the things that mattered.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," she said. "We've only just met—"

"I've got nothing to hide." Not exactly anyway. It's just that some things were personal and should only be told to special people. It was too soon to know if Annie would become someone special, but he wanted to tell her. Maybe if she knew something about him she'd relax a little.

"I was born in Boston, moved to Detroit when I was five, then to Canada at ten. I've also lived in New York and Montana."

"You get around."

He smiled. "So I'm told."

There was that cute frown again. He wondered if she knew what affect that petulant pout had on men. Probably not. She didn't seem totally aware of her appeal, looking a little uncomfortable in her short skirt and high heels.

Nope, definitely not his type.

"Okay, what else do you need to know, sir?"

He grinned. Better. She was loosening up, finding her sense of humor. He liked it when she wasn't so obstinate.

Mischief danced in her eyes as she said, "You like being called sir?"

"Only by attractive women."

She blushed and the mischief vanished. His grin widened.

Uh-oh. Not good. Annie was having the wrong effect on him. He hadn't expected to feel warmly towards her. He wasn't supposed to like it when she smiled or blushed. He wasn't supposed to want to get to know her better. He couldn't afford to fall for her. He had to avoid women like her, at all costs, or he'd end up like his Dad.

Time to get her pissed off at him again.

"Tell me, Annie, what's your sex life like?"


A spray of iced tea missed Zack's left ear by half an inch. "Excuse me?" Annie spat along with the tea.

"Sex. Do you have much of it?"

"That's none of your business!"

He chuckled. Better. Okay, not better but safer. "You're right, it isn't. But from now on you have kinky sex in unusual places. And lots of it."

Annie's face darkened and her nostrils flared. He waited for the dam to burst. He wasn't disappointed. "I've had enough, Mr. DiMarco." She stood. "This was a big mistake. I doubt Bob meant for you to hit on me in such an offensive manner. Good bye."

Wow, she was sensitive. Intriguing. But his plan to distance himself was backfiring before it had begun.

Annie couldn't believe she was about to walk out on one of the most gorgeous men on the planet. And all because he offered to have sex with her. What was she thinking!

But there was a principle involved. And standing by her principles was more important than great sex with the man of her fantasies. Right? Hmmm...

She stormed past the confused waiter, but Zack caught her arm before she got out the door. She tried to struggle free, accidentally hitting him in the crotch.

He swore but didn't clutch himself, although his face turned a little pale. Annie tried to keep her eyes level with his although she was tempted to look down at the affected area.

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