Bidding on the Billionaire

By: Rachel Angel

Chapter 6

Once Mandi was back at home that evening her head was spinning as she thought about the auction and what had happened that night. What a surprise! In just a few hours another mundane evening with nothing particularly exciting about it had turned into the single most exciting event in her life that she could recall at the moment. She was going to Rome with Sergio for a week. Yes, there was some business, but it sounded like Sergio was also due for some fun. Since Mandi was too it would be a good opportunity to get to know Sergio better, and see what type of chemistry they had. The chemistry in Mandi’s lusty dreams and fantasies had always been great so hopefully…

Deciding what to pack for a week in Rome may be challenging enough, but for Mandi it was a very tough decision. Did she pack super sexy clothes and show that she was expecting, well hoping, for some passionate sex with the man she had been fantasizing about since college? Or should she pack more cautiously and look like she couldn’t care less about spending a week with the hottest guy she knew?

It was a tough call, and in the end balance won out. Mandi packed some fun and lively sundresses that she hadn’t worn much. They were colorful, vibrant, flirty, and should be practical. She decided on her hot pink bikini, and just in case things got more adventurous she also threw in her black thong bikini.

The Leon family villa just outside of Rome was said to be spectacular and Sophia had always talked about how amazing the zero gravity pool was there, almost looking like it fell into the Atlantic Ocean that it overlooked. The finishing touches to the wardrobe would be a few pairs of jeans and some fun sandals, along with t-shirts that accented her ample breasts and cleavage nicely. As for undergarments, they had always been Mandi’s weakness and she didn’t hesitate to pack the sexiest ones she could find. There was something about how sexy lingerie could make a woman confident even on a day where she may not be feeling that way. It was her guilty pleasure, and one that she usually got to experience alone.

Mandi also decided to throw in a sketch pad and pencils just in case she was inspired to draw. Her talents were average at best, especially compared to her mother’s, but she knew that her mom would have probably filled that sketch book with the beautiful sights of Rome. She could at least do one thing. When she was done packing, Mandi looked through her suitcase and realized that she had definitely packed with some expectations in mind, and she wanted them to be met.

The next day at the gallery seemed to last forever, and Mandi’s excitement was building up as the day progressed. Sophia and Andre had stopped by to get a quick run-down on the basics of the gallery and assured Mandi that they’d be there to open it up the next morning on time, and take great care of it. Although the gallery wasn’t Mandi’s passion she wanted to be a good business owner, and admitted that Sophia and Andre could probably run the gallery as good as she could.

Just as 5 p.m. rolled around a sleek shiny silver Jaguar XKR-S coupe pulled up, and Mandi’s jaw dropped. The car was definitely as sexy as its driver, and she waved through the glass window of the gallery to Sergio as he came to the door. Oh my gosh, did he look hot. He had on jeans that hugged his hips and a fitted grey v-neck tee that showed every muscle that he obviously worked diligently at keeping in shape. His hair hung down loose, and framed his chiseled jaw. He was nothing short of model material.

Without skipping a beat Sergio came right up to Mandi and pulled her to him in a tight hug where every inch of his hard body pressed closed to hers, whispering in her ear, “I’ve been thinking about this trip all day, and how beautiful you looked last night. You’ve certainly grown into a sexy minx of a woman, haven’t you? You had every man’s attention in that room. And today it gets even better because we’re headed off to Rome for the week.”

Mandi’s heart was racing and she could barely respond. He was talking about how she looked and all she could think about was how amazing he smelled and felt as he embraced her. Every place where their bodies touched was tingling, as well as a few other spots. Realizing that she’d grown so easily distracted by his touch suddenly put Mandi on alert, and she wondered why she was suddenly so self-conscious. It got worse when Sergio took a step back and looked her up and down, not bothering to hide that he had a certain amount of lust in his eyes. Suddenly the short mini skirt and clinging silky blouse seemed a bit too obvious, as his eyes drank her in appreciatively.

It was definitely in Mandi’s best interests to change the subject. “You are in a great mood. You must have had a very productive day.”

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