Bidding on the Billionaire

By: Rachel Angel

“Hey Mandi, I have a brilliant idea.”

“Oh oh, your brilliant ideas usually border on terrifying.”

“Not this one. I’ll let you out of your bachelorette auction duties if you go out there and bid on Sergio. Don’t stop until you beat that auburn haired vixen.”

“Sophia, I can’t do that. The bidding is already higher than what I even have in my checking account.”

“Trust me, don’t worry. You’ll be covered.”

“And how is that?”

Sophia looked at Mandi and smiled brightly. “Andre.”

“Andre? I don’t follow.”

“Andre owes Sergio big time for helping bail him out of a horrific blind date a few months back. Plus, he’s told me that he’s really worried about Sergio having some fun. He’s so focused on business, and all the acquisitions his ambitious self has taken on are really starting to take their toll on him.”

“The play boy has retired?” Mandi asked, laughing.

“And how. He won’t even go play a round of golf anymore unless it’s tied to a business deal.” Sophie spotted Andre in the distance. “I’ll be right back, Mandi. Get your butt out there and start bidding. Don’t hold back. I’ll let Andre in on what he’s doing.”

“And you’re sure he’ll be game?”

“I am sure. I have a certain persuasive charm to me. Or at least people tell me I do.” Sophia looked at Mandi innocently, batting her eyelashes.

“Yes, you do.” If there was one thing that Mandi had learned it was that Sophia was used to getting her way. It was a good thing that she had a big genuine heart to go with those big blue eyes and bright white smile.

Mandi started to make her way to the bidding floor, ready to help Sergio out. She felt surprisingly nervous about it. What if he took it the wrong way? She’d be so embarrassed because she certainly didn’t want to look like a desperate twit who’d do anything to go on a date with one of the most eligible bachelors in New York City, maybe internationally.

As she moved to a spot where it’d be easier to bid Mandi noticed Sophia talking with Andre. She couldn’t help but observe Sophia’s mannerisms, and knew enough about her to see that she was definitely interested in Andre as more than the savior to her brother’s current dilemma.

Just like Sophia, Andre also had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. His long eyelashes and casual waves in his hair made him look like a California guy who’d be spending his days surfing on the beach, and his night’s hanging out by a campfire. Yet that really wasn’t the case. Like the other BBBBC’s, he was a dedicated and focused career guy who also had a flair for living it up. Mandi knew that Andre was just Sophia’s type, and she hoped it would work out. Sophia deserved a great guy who wasn’t intimidated by her vibrant personality.

Sophia and Andre turned around and both waved to Mandi. She waved back, and smiled with the thumbs up.

Mandi mumbled under her breath. “It’s show time, I guess.”

The auctioneer announced the latest bit in the quest to have a date with Sergio. It was $48,000.00, and the thought of spending that much money on a date—even for charity—made Mandi gulp. That was a lot of money.

“$49,000.00,” Mandi called out.

Everyone turned to see who the newest bidder was in the battle for a date with Sergio, including Olivia. Mandi was pretty sure that she saw a look of annoyance in her eyes. The woman didn’t like competition, and frankly, Mandi thought she was probably used to not having much of it.

Olivia upped Mandi’s bid, and the bidding war had begun. No one was more surprised, or intrigued about it than Sergio himself. He had a feeling that his sister had something to do with Mandi’s sudden desire to bid, but he didn’t care. It was most fascinating, and his mind drifted to thoughts of what it would be like to know Mandi on a more intimate level. He liked a woman who was not afraid to take charge, and from the looks of it, Mandi was taking full charge of winning him.

Chapter 4

Sergio couldn’t believe what was unfolding before his eyes, and he didn’t mind admitting that he really was enjoying it. Olivia was so used to getting her way and she didn’t know how to handle anything that disrupted her plans and goals. Seeing Mandi suddenly start bidding and catching her off guard was delightful, and yes…a bit of a nice feeling, kind of like a little bit of revenge for how she’d manipulated him when they were involved. There couldn’t be a more beautiful and intimidating woman in the room to go head to head with Olivia. It was a definite turn-on, and Sergio hoped that Mandi would win.

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