Bidding on the Billionaire

By: Rachel Angel

“Let me guess…I’m to be immediately enamored by the lovely young lady who chooses me,” Sergio teased.

“Don’t forget, there are plenty of exciting older ladies here too, not just young ones.”


“Yup, I’ve been seeing the elderly Mrs. Finnigan eyeing you up for quite a spell now. As for Mandi, she’s been the subject of inspection by quite a few eyes thus far, including all your buds in the BBBBC.” Sophia looked at Mandi, a hidden joke behind her smile. The BBBBC was Sophia’s term for Sergio’s gentleman club with his friends…generally young men who happened to be the most eligible bachelors in the world. Handsome, successful, bachelors, and billionaires. Sophia casually refer to the group as the Bad Boys Billionaire Bachelors Club or the BBBBC, as women in the know knew them to be. Bad boys - because all the members were notorious for dating beautiful women in droves, breaking hearts, and being bad in one way or another. No choir boy in this group. Billionaires - because they were – either self-made with a drive as insatiable as their sex drive, or inherited or soon-to-be inherited. Bachelors because they were happily unattached, living a lifestyle where it was more gratifying being a confirmed bachelor. Club - because it was as exclusive members only as it can get. Leave it to Sophia to not miss out on a single thing.

As fast as she showed up Sophia was gone again, leaving Mandi wondering what she’d just agreed to. It was an absolutely crazy idea, and she couldn’t even begin to process what it would feel like being up on that stage with a spotlight on her, waiting to find out who was all going to bid on her.

“I think I’d better go get a quick bite to eat,” Mandi said. Her stomach was growling and that was the last thing she wanted to have happen to her up on stage.

“Well, I’ll see you back stage then. Let the battle begin.” Sergio smiled and touched her elbow gently.

“I look forward to it,” Mandi said. She made her way to the appetizers and found a few that looked like a good choice to hold her over. A few people came over to her to make small talk; including one guy that was not all too smooth in his approach to showing Mandi that he thought she was a very attractive woman. She smiled, nodding politely, but kept hoping that he would not be the winning bid on her that evening when he found out she was a part of the auction. Anyone but him. She was open to anyone really, but when it came down to it, she really wished Sergio could bid on her. Why couldn’t it be Sergio though?

Chapter 3

Mandi observed Sergio get up on to stage as she stood in the back room, waiting for her turn. She was so nervous, but it was quickly put aside because it was fascinating watching Sergio go out there.

He was so charming and confident, not looking like he had a care in the world. Mandi wondered how he did that, and then answered her own question. He was obviously used to the spotlight and lots of adoring attention from women.

As a rather lively bidding war for Sergio continued to go on, Mandi took notice of one woman in particular who seemed determined to bid on him. She was absolutely striking, with rich auburn hair and lively green eyes. Mandi couldn’t help but be curious about who she was.

Sophia was standing next to the auctioneer as they were getting the room to bid higher and higher. Mandi caught her looking over at her with a concerned look on her face and she quickly motioned for her to come over, and she walked into the shadows just off the stage.

“Who is that bidding on Sergio?”

“Oh her,” Sophia answered, rolling her eyes. “That’s his ex, Olivia. She completely cheated on him, and broke his heart. She’s a gold digger with no class.”

“Apparently she’s gotten some gold though,” Mandi commented. “She is rather aggressive with her bidding.”

“Yah, she knows she goofed up bad. Sergio had to break up with her when he found out she’d cheated with one of his friends from the BBBBC.”

“That’s horrible.”

“Yah, he wouldn’t admit it, but he was pretty devastated. Needless to say, the sight of Olivia annoys me, and I don’t even know how she found out about this.”

“Is the guy she cheated with here?”

“No. He was definitely not invited. Sergio told me to forget about it, but I’d rather hold a grudge—especially since I don’t like her.”

“You’ve always been protective of Sergio. I know that if I had a sibling I’d probably be protective of them too,” Mandi said. She crossed her arms, looking out at Olivia. The woman was shooting darts with her eyes at every one who dared bid against her. Sophia noticed it too.

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