Bidding on the Billionaire

By: Rachel Angel

“Mandi, it’s so great to see you,” Sergio said, leaning in to hug her, making Mandi instantly tingle from the feel of his muscular physique.

“And I’m so glad to see you. You’re looking very dapper, Sergio. You should bring a good price at Sophia’s latest fundraising efforts.”

“You’re too kind, Mandi.”

There was a brief pause when Mandi and Sergio looked at each other appreciatively. Sergio couldn’t believe how much Mandi had matured, and had transformed from a pretty college girl to a stunning sexy woman. She was gorgeous with that thick shining long hair that he can imagine grabbing a handful of, green eyes that can captivate any man, smooth kissable skin, and lips luscious enough to suck on. Mandi was definitely a woman he wanted to explore a little more. The only problem was, she was Sophia’s best friend, whom he practically knew since she was a young freshman in college. Boy has she grown up!

Despite how gorgeous she was, Sergio could tell in an instant that she wasn’t like other women who knew they were sexy and smart. She didn’t have an angle, and everything she did was from the heart.

Mandi, on the other hand, thought Sergio was possibly the most handsome man she’d ever seen. Unlike Sophia, Sergio had black hair that was slightly wavy and fell just to his shoulders, and the most entrancing amber colored eyes that looked mysterious yet dangerous at the same time. His build was all muscle, and you could just sense how each one rippled when he did even a simple motion like raising his arm. Not to mention from having known him a while through Sophia, Sergio was smart, wildly successful, and had so much infectious energy about him. He always had a strong presence about him. She also realized that he was a very well noted playboy, and she’d have to be careful not to fall into that trap even if certain parts of her were ready to throw caution into the wind.

Sophia looked from Sergio to Mandi and smiled. Did she see something there? She was very perceptive, and suspected that she did. Interesting. “Well, if you two will excuse me, I have to go make sure everything is set for the auction, and that all my bachelor’s are here.”

“Are all of the guys in the auction from your club?” Mandi asked Sergio. She was trying to start some small talk, and get over the tingling sensation she had from standing next to him.

“Yes, all the guys were glad to be a part of this event. Sophia made a rather irresistible offer, and something like this is, well…fun.”

“If I were you I’d be so nervous. The thought of being up there makes me cringe. I can just imagine me standing there and the room immediately falls silent, and then stays that way.” Mandi laughed and found herself wanting to tuck her hair behind her ear, but she couldn’t because of the barrette.

Sergio smiled, oddly attracted to the way Mandi discredited herself. There was nothing about her, at least from what Sergio could see, that wasn’t alluring. He said, “That would be impossible. Trust me; I’ve seen some very appreciative looks delivered your way. I’d consider bidding on you.”

“That’s good to know,” Mandi laughed. Sweet Heavens. He’d bid on me.

For the next ten minutes or so Mandi and Sergio talked casually, with his friends coming up for introductions on occasion. They discussed the gallery, Sergio’s businesses, and a wide variety of other things. Mandi really enjoyed hearing about Sergio’s work because she found it interesting, and really enjoyed business in general. That was what her degree was in, and she looked forward to eventually going into it as a career instead of the gallery when the time was right. She was particularly interested in marketing, and corporate identity strategies. It was the perfect blend of her creative side and natural business mind.

“Okay, exciting news,” Sophia interrupted.

“What?” Mandi asked.

“You are going to be in the auction after all.”

“Why, didn’t the one guy show up?”

“He did, but I think it would be very fun to see you and Sergio go head to head in the auction. It’d be interesting to see who draws the largest response. Gorgeous gallery girl versus prominent play boy.”

“That doesn’t sound like much of a challenge for Sergio,” Mandi rebutted.

“It sounds like a most intriguing challenge,” Sergio added. “I look forward to battling with the brunette beauty of the art world.”

“I knew you would,” Sophia said to Sergio. “In five minutes I need you both in the back room for instructions. Sergio, you’re going to be second to last now. Mandi is going to be the last one. I wish you could be the one bidding wildly on her, but one of the rules is that that my bachelor’s cannot do bidding.”

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