Bidding on the Billionaire

By: Rachel Angel

Sophia and Mandi went into her loft. For Mandi, it was one of her most favorite places. She’d been able to buy it with the inheritance from her mother, and work on it over time. Naturally she already had the source of artwork for decorating it covered through the gallery, but she’d also enjoyed putting it all together to represent her a little more. Despite her not having a big social life, Mandi had a colorful and vibrant personality, one that drew attention even when she wasn’t trying to. It showed in the modern eclectic elements of her loft, and she felt very relaxed whenever she was at home.

“Okay, let’s go look in my closet and see if I have anything to wear to your big gala, Sophia. It may be challenging.”

“Give me a break. You look gorgeous in anything, and one thing I know for certain is that you have fantastic taste with the things you buy. I’m sure you’ll have something.”

“On second thought, why don’t you go look through the closet while I freshen up, and do something with this hair. Mandi held out the end of her French ponytail, which she’d worn that day. Her dark hair showed its smooth perfection, not even having one dry or split end on it.

“Sounds good.”

Within a very short period of time, Sophia was standing outside the bathroom and holding up an outfit that she thought would be perfect. “Try this.”

Mandi looked. The dress was among the skimpiest that Mandi owned and was more dressed up than anything she’d worn in about a year when she’d gone to the New Year’s Eve party that Sophia’s parents had hosted. “Okay. Give me ten.”

True to her word, Mandi came out ten minutes later a transformed person. Her hair was now hanging down with loose curls in the end, and a beautiful barrette loosely pulling it back out of her face. That was something Mandi usually did when she was going out because she had a nervous habit of tucking her hair behind her ears on occasion. Her light make-up made her bright green eyes look stunning, almost mesmerizing too. She was the picture of class, sophistication, and approachability all wrapped up in one beautiful package.

“Ooh la la,” Sophia said, whistling at Mandi. She was wearing a black form fitting dress with a slight flair just above the knees. The neckline was plunging and showed her very attractive curves, and long legs off nicely. “Oh my gosh, those gold heels are the perfect accent. You look fantastic, and you’ll be perfect if one of my bachelor’s doesn’t show up.”

“What are you talking about?” Mandi asked, not liking the premise of Sophia’s question.

“Well, the gala is to raise money for children, and we are doing that by having a bachelor auction. They’re all boys from the Bad Boys Billionaire Bachelors Club, thanks to Sergio agreeing to help me out. It would be great to have one bachelorette in there if it was necessary, and you definitely fit that bill. You are stunning, and I know that you’d draw a great price.”

“And let me guess…you are the one who will be doing the describing of the goods up for auction.”

“Who else could describe you and the others better than me? There is a professional auctioneer for the actual bidding though—just for a bit of fun.”

“I sure hope that guy shows up,” Mandi commented. The thought of standing up there in front of everyone and getting auctioned off was slightly overwhelming. It would be fun to watch the guys though, and who knows, maybe she’d even bid on one. After all, this was all for children.

“You’ll be just fine either way. Now let’s go. It wouldn’t be very good if the hostess was late, would it?”

“Definitely not. By the way, Sophia, are there going to be any guys there who you are interested in?”

“Maybe,” Sophia replied, winking mischievously. “That’s probably a battle best served for a different day. It’ll be a busy night.”

Mandi smiled at her friend. She was so casual and assured that she would eventually find the one—that guy that finally clicked with her, and she could create a future with. She was inspiring, and gave all girls hope that love would always prosper in the end.

Chapter 2

The first person to greet Mandi and Sophia when they entered the ballroom was Sergio. Mandi tried not to act too obvious, but she was immediately drawn to how gorgeous and sophisticated he looked. His black Armani tux, black bowtie, and sapphire studded cufflinks and studs sparkled in the glimmering light, and were only offset by an amazing smile that definitely showed he was still a heartbreaker. He was better looking than she’d recalled since seeing him last a few years ago, more sophisticated and intense.

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