His Every Desire

By: Chloe Cassidy

"Yes?" he said.

"Mr. Greene, I'm sorry to trouble you, but it seems those important documents you signed never made it to their destination." The voice from the intercom belonged to none other than Harry Smith.

"I will take care of it, Harry. They are right here on my desk," Taylor said.

"It's that new employee, Sandra McDermott. She dropped the ball, and now I can't even find her. She hasn't been at her desk in an hour."

"She is running a personal errand for me," Taylor said as I hung from the rack in his wardrobe with nipple clamps on my breasts and pussy juice running down my legs.

"A personal errand?" Poor Harry obviously couldn't believe his ears.

"That will be all for now, Harry. Hold all my calls. I am not to be disturbed. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Harry replied meekly. The intercom clicked off.

"Where were we?" Taylor asked himself.

I felt his hands on the back of my head. He had unfastened my blindfold. I squinted against the light and wondered whether the ball gag would be removed next. It wasn't. Taylor turned me around to face him. His handsome face was placid. I couldn't tell by looking at him that he had just brought me to orgasm, applied nipple clamps to my breasts before spanking my ass with a paddle until tears came to my eyes. He looked cool as a cucumber.

Taylor was still wearing his pants and shiny shoes. He shucked them off now. First, he removed his shoes and socks. Then he unbuckled his obviously expensive belt. Could that be alligator skin? He undid his pants and allowed them to slide to the floor. After stepping out of them, he carefully placed them on the back of his chair and approached my body.

"I'm going to fuck you," he said. "Do you understand?"

I nodded behind my gag. My nipple clamps pinched as my tits bounced up and down in agreement. When Taylor unfastened my hands from the rack above my head, I nearly fell to the floor. My arms were cramped up, and my legs were jelly. He held me and lowered me gently to the plush carpeting front of the wardrobe.

He was completely naked. I was nearly clothed. My skirt was hiked around my waist and my blouse was unbuttoned. My breasts hung free beneath a bra that had been pushed up under my armpits. I felt so inelegant next to this magnificent creature. His body was the stuff dreams are made from. He was flawless.

Taylor lowered his body onto mine. I looked down the length of my body to the place where his thick penis was about to enter my cunt. I thought he was uncircumcised, but I wasn't sure. I didn't get a good look at it before he plunged his dick into my dripping pussy. It was enormous. That was the last thought I had before the massive rod of hot veiny flesh penetrated me. I couldn't gasp thanks to the rubber ball in my mouth, but my eyes opened nearly as wide as my mouth.

He pushed into my body repeatedly. His hard cock turned my pussy inside out at every stroke. I was more than ready for him, but I never expected that his dick would be so long and thick. This was very far removed from sex with Mark in my best friend's childhood bedroom just weeks ago. This was real sex. I moaned from behind my gag, pressing my teeth into the hard rubber ball. I was going to cum again.

Taylor must have seen the signs because he slid a hand between our bodies to help coax my orgasm into fruition. Pressing his palm firmly against my mons pubis, he let his fingers slide onto my throbbing swollen clitoris and rubbed circles into the flesh until my cunt contracted around his cock. He removed his hand but kept grinding his dick into my pussy. I bucked my hips upward toward his body. I needed his long, thick cock to penetrate me as deeply as possible. This was ecstasy. I arched my back and pressed my head into the plush carpeting.

When my body stopped shaking and convulsing, Taylor let his own climax happen. Hot loads of white, creamy cum shot inside my waiting pussy to mix with my natural juices.

He didn't even speak when it was over. Taylor separated his body from mine, removed his accoutrements from my mouth and nipples and turned his back on me like nothing ever happened.

"You may be dismissed, Miss McDermott," he said. His naked buttocks were prominently on display.

With trembling fingers, I fastened my buttons and tugged my skirt back into position. I found my cellphone and that stack of signed documents and left his office without looking back.

When I returned to my desk, I had to sit sideways thanks to my sore buttocks and aching vagina. I was staring into space when my intercom buzzed. "Yes," I croaked. It was Taylor Greene.

"Make sure you send those documents before you leave today, Miss McDermott," he said sternly. "And prepare to stay late tomorrow night. I have a special project I need you to work on."

"Yes," I repeated. This was the best job ever.

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