His Every Desire

By: Chloe Cassidy

"And you are?" he asked curtly. His voice was steady and calm.

"Hi," I nearly shouted. "My name is Sandra McDermott." I emerged from behind his desk and stuck out my hand. "I work for you."

Taylor didn't bother to shake my hand or even acknowledge that I was waiting with my hand outstretched. He closed the distance between us with long strides that matched his long legs.

"People who work for me stay out of my office," he said. I saw the exact moment he realized that I had opened his desk drawer. It was the third one from the top. I hadn't had a chance to close it.

"I was only here because I lost my cellphone, and Harry Smith said he saw it on your desk. Then there were these important papers, and they were on your desk, too," I tried to stop babbling, but my tongue had its own ideas. Caffeine and panic always make me talk too much.

"How do you suppose your cellphone landed on my desk?" he asked. He didn't look amused. There was not a modicum of mirth in his dark brown eyes. He slid the partially open drawer back on its tracks. It clicked shut.

"Okay, I'm just going to level with you," I said. In my mind, I was already packing my belongings from my desk into a cardboard box. "I haven't been working here very long, but I noticed that you don't use your office very often." I took a deep breath. "Sometimes, when I'm bored, I let myself into your office for just a little bit. I like to look out the window while I eat my breakfast."

"If I understand you correctly, not only do you find being my employee boring, but you sneak into my office first thing in the morning to eat muffins and stare out the window when you should be working?"

"I never said I ate muffins," I replied.

I was afraid to move. Beneath my short skirt, my pussy was betraying me by tingling every time he opened his mouth. His voice was thick like honey, and my pussy was definitely wet. I wasn't sure whether my skirt had shifted to reveal that I wasn't wearing any panties. I tried to figure it out without looking down or checking with my hands.

The traitor skirt that I had chosen that morning had a penchant for hitching up around my hips every time I bent down. Usually, a quick tug was enough to bring it back into position. When Taylor had entered the room, I had just stood up from opening his desk drawer. I hadn't performed the obligatory tug on my skirt. How high had it ridden on my hips? I had no idea.

I pressed my legs together and tried to determine whether my pussy was exposed. Could I feel a draft down there? I couldn't tell, but I pledged right then to make sure I had clean panties from now on. Was he talking to me?

"What?" I asked. I felt so stupid.

"I said, 'Pull your skirt down. I can see your pussy.'"

That certainly answered my question. I straightened my skirt in a hurry.

"If that will be all, I'll go ahead and clear out my desk now," I said. There were tears welling up in my eyes. Daddy would be so disappointed when I told him I'd been fired. With a last tug on my tight skirt, I minced toward the door.

"You don't have to clean out your desk."

"You're not going to fire me?" I asked hopefully.

"For what?" he asked. "For showing me your pussy?" He grinned, and his entire face lit up.

"I like pussy," he murmured. "How would you like an important new job, something a little less boring than what you're currently doing? It's a position I need filled. In exchange, I would be willing to forget how you invaded my privacy and looked through my desk drawers."

"Does it pay more money?" I couldn't believe I had the nerve to ask.

"That can be arranged," he said.

"I accept your offer," I said. "I think my luck is finally beginning to change."

"Mine, too," he agreed. Before I could take a breath, he was standing close to me. His hands were on my shoulders. I braced myself for his kiss. My knees felt like they had turned to mush, and my heart was pounding crazily.

Instead of kissing me, he dropped his hands to my wrists and dragged me to the locked wardrobe in the corner. Swiftly, he unlocked the door and pushed me inside. With a deftness that took my breath away, Taylor fastened my hands to a rack above my head. He stepped back to admire the results.

I was standing with my hands above my head. The position simultaneously caused my breasts to press against the thin fabric of my blouse and dislodge my skirt so that I was certain the lips of my pussy were exposed beneath the hem.

"This is just one of the many new positions that come along with your new job," Taylor said. "You will obey my every command and allow me to do whatever I want with your hot young body. Do you understand me?"

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