Billion Dollar Baby Bundle 3

By: Simone Holloway

Selene paced the room like a caged animal. They were listening on the phones and watching the house. They said she could leave as soon as the baby was born and they had the money, but Selene had no reason to trust them.

Could they see her now? She felt paranoid. She knew she had to calm down.

Last night, she’d woken up to sharp pains in her stomach. Selene still had a couple of months left in her pregnancy and she was terrified that she was suffering contractions already.

She picked up the phone to call 911 and before she could dial a voice snidely asked if they could get her anything. She slammed the phone down; she didn’t want to ask her captors for help.

The pains subsided after half an hour, but she still spent all night praying she wasn’t going into labor.

She’d finally fallen back asleep around dawn after feeling the baby kick. The moment broke her. All of the stress of being kidnapped; having to leave Ethan behind; the fear for her and her babies’ future; it all spilled out of her.

Selene buried her face in her pillow, she wasn’t sure if her house was bugged, but she didn’t want them to hear. She cried until she felt completely drained.

When she woke up she felt renewed. The fear and sadness were gone. Now, she needed a plan. As she paced the room she ran through her options. She could make a break for it, but she knew that in her condition she couldn’t get very far.

They listened in on the calls, but maybe she could get through to the police, she thought, then, immediately dismissed the idea. Selene had the impression they were doing more than just monitoring her phone; she was willing to bet they could cut the line, or put a stop to any call that could endanger their operation.

A van was parked across the street, where they sat all day conducting surveillance.

Whoever they were they had money and manpower.

Selene laid down on the bed and watched the fan spin slowly. It casts long shadows over the wall. She found it oddly soothing. She imagined she was back in Ethan’s house on the morning they’d been taken. They were lying in bed making love.

She imagined Ethan, shirtless laying in bed next to her. Small droplets of sweat covered his chest and biceps. He smiled at her and lifted up her nightgown.

She put her hand between her legs. Her fingers passed over her underwear and began to massage her vagina.

She imagined Ethan’s finger tips gently running over her naked body.

A warm tingling stirred inside her. She began to move her fingers faster.

Ethan’s lips were on hers; his hands kneaded her full breasts. Then, in a flash, he was on top of her; his body, heavy and comforting rested on hers as they made love.

He stared into her eyes as he entered her. His cock was hard and filled her completely.

Slowly, he moved in and out of her.

Selene turned on her side as she masturbated to Ethan. She buried her face in a pillow to muffle her moans. She could almost feel him inside her; his lips on her face; his breath on her neck. He was inside her. They were both crying out and then…

Selene felt her throat close; tears welled in her eyes. She shut them tightly then took a breath. Ethan was gone. She was alone and pregnant. Swallowing hard, she fought back her grief. No more tears. She would cry when she got Ethan back. But how? The answer presented itself to her.

There was a knock at the door. Selene rose from the bed and approached cautiously.

Looking through the peephole, she saw a woman. The woman had light red hair and wore huge dark sunglasses. Curious, Selene opened the door.

“Sis!” the woman screamed and through her arms around Selene.

Selene was puzzled; she didn’t have a sister. The woman pulled away and tipped her sunglasses. Selene recognized her at once. It was Bree in disguise. She looked completely different than she had that night at the Victorian mansion. Bree winked, then quickly pushed the sunglasses back over her eyes.

“I thought I’d take you shopping for the baby,” Bree said.

Selene looked across the street at the white van. A man was standing on the sidewalk, his arms crossed in front of him. They’d told her to continue to live her life normally, so as not to arouse suspicion, but she was nervous. She knew they would follow her

everywhere she went.

“Sis?” Bree asked.

“Yeah, let me get my purse.”

Selene checked the mirrors as they turned the corner, exiting her neighborhood: the van was right on their tail. They were driving in Bree’s car. Selene took a chance that it was safe to speak freely.

“How did you find me?”

“It wasn’t that hard. My husband, Alex, asked around. You’re more popular than you realize.” Bree smiled weakly. It did nothing to cheer Selene up.

“Who are these people?”

“You don’t know?”

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