The Billionaire's Instant Bride

By: CJ Howard

Raina sighed. “I hear what you’re saying. I do. It’s just… it’s not what I would want for you, as far as the marriage goes.”

Callie shrugged. “So maybe I’ll find a guy who isn’t interested in a romantic match, but maybe something more platonic. Maybe I’ll find one who is just looking for a partner or companion, and then we could be friends, and it would be okay.”

Raina snorted. “Then what, are you going to give up ever having a love life because you wanted the money instead? What are you going to do about love?”

The thought hadn’t occurred to Callie. Love had been such an important factor in her daydreams about marriage. Love had been a pinnacle of hope in her future life as an adult, to have something as special as her grandparents had shared, but she would be giving up the chance for that if she accepted a Bride Bidder husband.

She thought about what Raina had asked her. “That is what I am doing about love… except it’s love for my grandmother. I’m taking care of the most important person in the world to me. What better way to show love and to give it than that?”

“I guess.” Raina sighed. “It’s just not what I would have wanted for you for your future. I can definitely see where you’re coming from, but I just… I think you’re shorting yourself if you do it.”

“Do you know of any other options?” Callie asked hopefully.

Raina’s frown came through in her voice. “No. I’m going to keep looking though, so check back with me before you go and do something like tying a knot, okay?”

“I will. Thank you.” Callie smiled a little, ever grateful for her dear friend.

Raina said goodbye and ended the phone call, and Callie looked over at her computer on the desk in her bedroom. She had slept on the idea, which was something that her grandparents had always told her to do, and she had given it thought for two days, and after all of her careful consideration and after speaking with Raina, she decided that she was going to put a profile up on the Bride Bidder app to see if she could get the money to save her grandmother that way. It would be fast, and she would have the means to take care of the house and bills in time that her grandma would never even need to know about the fact that they might lose their home.

She turned her computer on and went to Bride Bidder. After rereading much of the information just to be sure that she understood all of it, she went through the arduous process of entering all of her information, then she uploaded a few photographs of herself. It took her a little while to answer questions about why she was there and what she was looking for, and then she got to the page where she would enter the minimum bid amount. She thought about it carefully, adding up what was owed on the house and what was needed for medical bills, and then she added a sizeable amount of money that would enable her to make sure that her grandma had some money put aside for anything that might come up, and she took a deep breath and pressed the submit button.

A message appeared that advised her there would be a short waiting period while the company did a thorough background check on her and then she would be notified if she was approved. Once approved, she would be published as an eligible bride, and the men who wished to bid on her would be able to. There would be a specific bidding period, but if she wished to accept a bid before the period was up, she could do it at any time.

It seemed simple to her, and she wondered with a swiftly beating heart, what would happen with the site as she left the Bride Bidder site and began to search for other money options. Her searching and applying for everything she could find that looked even mostly legitimate went late into the night, and just before midnight, she went to bed, hoping that something would come up for her soon.


Her wait didn’t take long. One day after submitting her profile application to Bride Bidder, her application was approved and her profile was made public. She was a little excited to see that it had gone through; it felt like some kind of forward momentum in her work to find the money they needed. She wondered how long it would take for bids to come in. The site indicated that it could be a few days to a week or longer, but it didn’t take even that long for the first bid to come in for Callie.

The first one was a match to her minimum bid; the man did not bid any higher than she had asked for. He was a doctor in Los Angeles, an older man at sixty who was looking for a younger woman to be a companion for him. He indicated it could be a platonic situation but that he would be open to it becoming more. She thought that it was good of him to at least be honest about his intentions.

His photographs showed him to be a little heavy with thinning hair and glasses. He wore a lot of white and she wondered if it had anything to do with him being a doctor or if he just liked it. His home looked pristine from the photographs. She wondered if he kept it that way or if he had a cleaning company come in and take care of it for him.

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