The Billionaire's Instant Bride

By: CJ Howard

When she went to bed for the night, she hoped with all of her heart that she would find a way to solve their problems. The next morning she decided to look at more unconventional ways to make money, and in searching for that, she came upon an endless sea of unsavory individuals and shady looking companies that promised all sorts of things but didn’t look as though they would come across with any of it. The more she searched, the more disheartened she became, not only with her own troubles, but with the vast amount of people in the world who would seemingly take advantage of others genuinely needing help.

She was still searching later in the afternoon when she saw a website that looked as if it was legitimate, and might be something that could work for her, as strange as it seemed. It was called Bride Bidder. It was a website and app that connected wealthy bachelors with eligible women in a contract for an instant bride. It was something Callie had heard of, but she hadn’t ever looked into beyond seeing it on television and occasionally hearing about it in media.

She clicked on the site and began to read through the description of the company and what they offered. All the men and women on the app were put through an extensive background check at the beginning, and if they were approved, they were given a profile that others could view.

The men were all of enormously wealthy means, and they had the option to bid on one woman at a time in order to try to win the woman as a bride. The women who had profiles open for bidding would receive the bids in a specified amount of time, and would have the option to choose the bid that they felt best suited them. Then they clicked on the little green accept button for the bid, and were required to meet the man who had sent the bid in. After meeting, there was a short time frame in which the man and woman could decide if they wanted to go forward with the marriage. If the marriage was done and the proof of it was sent in to the Bride Bidder Company, the company would release the bid funds to the bride’s account and the money would be hers.

Each man was able to make any kind of offer he wanted, as long as it was at or above the minimum required bid set by the woman. Callie read through all of the specifics and knew that the company was running a legitimate business. There were several success stories on the app, and it made her stop to think about what the possibilities could be for her, if she were to choose that method to make money to save the house.

She hadn’t been in a relationship for a long while – almost a year. She wasn’t actively looking for one, either, but she wasn’t opposed to it. She was focused on school more than anything. She had finished her first year and was beginning her second year of college. Her mind was centered on learning and working hard to earn a degree so she could graduate.

She hadn’t considered anything like a serious dating relationship until she was out of college or close to it. Marriage was even further from her mind than that, but as she looked at the site and looked at the success stories and the amounts of the bids that were made, she began to actively wonder about whether it was an option that she should explore.

The bids ranged from enough to buy a luxury car to enough to buy a luxury home. She saw that the women set the minimum price for their bids, and that most of the men who were serious about winning the woman they were bidding on, would raise their bids in order to be the successful bidder.

She sat back in her chair and looked out of the window at the park across the street from the house. The park where she had played for so many years as she grew up. She was in her home; she was where she wanted to be, and where she wanted her grandmother to be able to be for the rest of her life. The more she thought about it, the more she wondered about the app and being able to use it to get the money they needed.

It would be a sacrifice for her, there was no doubt, but the turnaround time on the money that was bid, when the bid was accepted and the marriage done, was fast. It was less than two weeks on most of the pairings, and less than one week on some of them. She couldn’t imagine being able to have the money they needed that quickly, and to be able to pay off what they owed all at once. She thought about having a higher bid so that she could have an emergency fund for her grandmother in case anything else came up in the future.

They could pay off all of their debts: her grandfather’s medical bills, the house, and anything else that her grandmother owed, and then her grandmother would have the freedom to live out her life in comfort and without worry. Callie knew she would give just about anything for that. Still, she thought, it was a huge sacrifice. She would have to marry a stranger and who knew how that would work out, even if she did get to choose him.

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