The Billionaire's Instant Bride

By: CJ Howard

She looked his profile over carefully and decided that she should wait to see what other bids might come in. She couldn’t see herself being married to an older doctor in Los Angeles, and they didn’t seem to have too much in common. She didn’t decline him, however, in case there were no other bidders.

Callie slept that night and her dreams reflected all of the worry in her heart and mind. When she woke, she took some time in the morning to go sit in the garden so she could clear her head and let a lot of the stress and worry go. She knew stressing out about any of it wouldn’t help her at all.

Calista went outside and sat with Callie, holding her hand and giving her a rare smile. “I wanted to thank you for all of the work that you are doing for me, trying to help find a way to come up with some money for the taxes. I wish there was some way that I could help, but I’m so grateful that you are here to help me. It means everything to me.”

Callie smiled and squeezed her grandmother’s hand. “You are my family, grandma, you are the most important person in the world to me, and I would do anything to help you. I’d do anything to make sure that the house is taken care of.”

She leaned over and kissed her grandmother’s cheek. Calista kissed her in return and wrapped her arm around Callie’s shoulder in a hug. They sat together and talked about the garden for a while, and then Callie left her grandmother and went into the house to get onto her computer to search for more solutions to their problem.

When she logged in to her computer, she went to Bride Bidder to see if there were any new bids and she found that there was one. The second bid she received was sent by a man in Seattle. He looked different than most of the men on the site. He was young and strong looking, solidly built. He had brown hair and blue eyes, and his face was squared and finely featured, making him look like a handsome movie star.

She was surprised to see a man who looked as good as he did, looking for a wife on an instant bride website. Curious to see more about him, she went to his profile to see all of his information. He was a businessman in the technology industry in Seattle and his net worth put him at over a billion dollars. He said he was looking for a wife for business reasons. He was interested in a platonic relationship.

He had offered her a bid twice as high as she had asked for, and that was an indicator of his intent to win her on the site. She chewed on her lower lip as she read through everything he had written about himself. He had a lot in common with her, and she could see they might be able to get along as friends at least, and that, coupled with his enormous bid for her, made her think that she should probably accept his bid and stop waiting for any other offers.

Wanting a second opinion, she called Raina and hoped her best friend would have a perspective that might help her make up her mind about it.

“Hey Callie, how are things going?” Raina asked when she answered the phone.

“They’re the same, mostly. I got a couple of bids on the Bride Bidder website and I wanted to tell you about them to see what you think.” Callie sat in front of her computer and looked at the site.

“You got bids already? That’s great news! So, who bid on you?” She sounded more interested than she had the last time they had spoken about the site.

Callie looked at the profile for the doctor. “Well, the first guy to bid on me was a doctor in Los Angeles. He’s a little older. He’s sixty. His bid was for the base amount that I put in. In his profile it says he’s looking for someone to be a companion for him, but I think he’s actually looking for someone who would be the whole package, really. I’m not really sure that would be the right fit for me, unless he was alright with just being a companion.”

“He’s sixty? Callie, you’re twenty-five. That’s a huge age difference.” She sounded unimpressed. “I mean, I know you need the money in a hurry, but it just doesn’t sound like the right match to me. Did you say there was another bid?”

“Yeah, I kind of felt like that too. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of possibility for us to be friends either; he has different interests than I do, and I’m not sure we would find that we have much in common.

So, the second bid was from a man in Seattle who owns some big tech company. He’s much closer to my age; he’s thirty-two. He said he just wants a platonic relationship; he’s not looking for anything more than a business situation, really. Someone to be a partner to him.” Callie looked at his photograph and shook her head, still astounded that any man who had so much going for him: looks, money, and a seemingly good personality, would have to resort to finding a bride on an instant bride website.

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