Mr. Dark 2: An Alpha Billionaire Romance

By: Lauren Landish

Chapter 1


It was one of those dreams where you knew you were dreaming. I was swimming in the ocean at night, I think it was the Mediterranean, when suddenly my bikini was gone. I knew I was dreaming right then, because I never wear a bikini. The warm water flowed over my skin, caressing my body and giving me a languid, relaxed feeling. I turned over onto my back, letting my body float on the salty water. As I did, I could feel the small waves lapping against my legs, and my knees drifted apart on their own. The first wash of the warm sea water against my inner thighs sent warm waves of their own through my stomach, and my legs drifted farther apart.

I could feel something warm and wet trace the inside of my leg, sending little electric thrills to my stomach. In my dream I couldn't see anything, but the soft touches continued, and I could feel myself growing hotter and wetter with each thrilling stroke. I felt my dream start to break apart, and I felt a pang of regret at first, thinking I would be losing the erotic sensations. As the darkness of the starry night sky was replaced by the more common darkness of my closed eyelids, it took only a moment to realize that the warm, wet feeling between my legs wasn't going away.

My eyes fluttered open, and I could see that the soft light of the stars had been replaced by the mostly full moon streaming in through the open window of Mark's bedroom. Before I could recognize anything else, the warm wonderful feeling came again, tracing so close to my labia that my eyes opened wide at the feeling. I could feel slightly shaggy hair against the inside of my legs, and I knew what was happening, even before I saw Mark kneeling on the bed, his tongue outlining my pussy. "What are you doing?" I asked, my words going from a sleepy whisper to a lusty moan as he licked around the soft edges of my lips. "mmmmm....."

"I woke up, it was a beautiful night, and you looked so sexy lying there in the moonlight, I couldn't resist," he said, his voice only slightly muffled by her thighs. "Should I stop?"

"No, please don't....." I answered, running my fingers through his hair. In the month we'd been going out, he'd let his hair grow a bit longer after I commented that I liked longer haired men. But he'd never gone down on me before, and while I didn't regret it, I had missed the feeling. I had almost resigned myself to being in one of those relationships where it just wasn't going to happen. I'm sure every woman's had one of those.

Now though, I could feel Mark's tongue licking my wet folds lightly, just barely parting my outer lips to expose the reddish pink inner jewel hidden inside. He licked me from my clit all the way down to the entrance to my tunnel, gathering the nectar inside before repeating the motion. "MMmmmm, delicious," he muttered as his tongue stiffened and he began to literally tongue fuck me, reaching deep inside my body with each stabbing thrust. When I was almost delirious with pleasure, he stopped, sucking my lips and rolling them between his own, carefully keeping his teeth from my sensitive skin. "I should do this more often."

Pulling his lips back, I felt Mark's fingers pull my lips apart, teasing my clit from its hood. I trembled as the cool night air played with his breath on my fiery button, until I was ready to beg for him to end my anticipation. Before I could speak though, the narrow tip of his tongue flicked over my clit, sending lightning coursing through my body. With every quick, feather light lick, the breath was driven out of me, until black dots swam in my vision. I pushed Mark's head back for just a moment to take a deep breath before pulling him back in, wrapping my legs around his head. "Don't stop, please."

Mark's licks took on a different quality, with long, broad sweeps, each sweep raising the temperature in my body while still allowing me to breathe. Within just a minute or two, I was on fire, and my juices flowed like water down my inner thighs. Mark pulled back, and smiled, his teeth white in the moonlight, his skin shining with my juices. "Beg for it."

Growling in frustration, I squirmed on the bed, trying not to be reduced to a begging, pleading, wanton slut for him again. It didn't matter though, and we both knew it. No matter how hard I tried to resist, the sparkle in his eyes and the feeling of his touch on my skin drove all resistance from me, and I would do anything he asked. Coming straight from sleep and as aroused as I was, I didn't resist long. "Please Mark, please make me cum."

"Yes my little hime," he said, lowering his head again. He had started calling me his hime two weeks prior, and no matter how often I asked, he wouldn't tell me what it meant. I didn't have a chance to think about it more though as he resumed his flickering, light licks around my clit, circling and flicking until the tension built within me, like an over tightened clock spring.

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