The Boss's Pet

By: Sam Crescent

Chapter One

“Tonight?” Christy Bell bit her lip while staring at her boss. He was so damned demanding and mean, yet sinfully good looking. Most of the time she didn’t know if she liked him or not as he could be the world’s biggest ass. The pay for being his personal assistant was the only reason she tried to hold her tongue. It didn’t always work though. Drake Brennan was a successful millionaire businessman with a fleet of companies to his name, and with a reputation of being a massive bastard.

“Do you have something important to do tonight?” he asked.

“Well, no—”

“Then I don’t see a problem. You’ll be staying after work to help me with the Henderson contract, and that’s final. Now, I want my coffee.”

Gritting her teeth, it took every ounce of restraint not to tell him to fuck this job and for him to go and fuck himself. Drake, for some strange reason, tried to annoy her. She just knew he got some sick, twisted sort of pleasure out of it. Instead, she smiled, turned, and left the office. She wondered if his lack of girlfriend was the reason he was always in a bad mood. For the last three years she’d been working alongside him, he’d had a new girlfriend every other week. He never stayed with one woman for too long in case the woman got too attached. Christy had spent a great deal of time at the jewelers’ picking out expensive necklaces, bracelets, or just ordering gift cards.

But in the last six months he’d not had a single girlfriend visit or break up. Christy hadn’t seen any of the women working at the jewelry store because her visits hadn’t been needed. Did he need to get laid?

He was a handsome man. There had to be a reason why he wasn’t with anyone right now.

Entering the coffee room, Christy saw Sandra who worked on the floor below. She was a nice woman with three children, happily married.

“Hello,” Christy said.

“Our coffee machine is out, and I figured I’d rather come here than go down another floor.”

“It’s okay. I’m not the coffee police. His royal highness wants his coffee.”

“You still don’t like him?” Sandra asked, stirring the liquid in her cup.

“I’ve never liked him.”

“How long have you worked here?”

“Three years. Drake interviewed me, and I didn’t have a clue he was going to be my boss. He was highhanded, a total ass, and I ended up yelling at him before I left the interview. I didn’t think I’d get the job.”

“Wow, how did you get it?”

“He called me in the next day and said I got the job.” Christy shook her head, sighing. “I don’t know. Maybe he liked me shouting back at him? The man is a whore and a workaholic. I’ve got to stay behind tonight to deal with this Henderson thing. I’ve not got the first clue what he wants from me.” She grabbed a cup and started adding some cream and sugar.

“Rather you than me. I hate having to deal with overbearing men. I’ve got one at home.” Sandra shuddered. “Anyway, I better get back. Advertising doesn’t do itself.”

Christy said her goodbyes to Sandra then finished making Drake’s coffee. Thinking back to the interview it was completely insane of him to give her a job. When she’d first started working for him, she’d bitten her lip, not speaking a word out. After two weeks of his badgering and insults she’d cracked. She’d ended up snapping at him for a good five minutes telling him to get his own damned coffee.

He’d looked so happy after her little outburst that he leaned back in his chair saying, “That’s what I’ve been waiting for. I didn’t employ you to be meek, Christy. Speak your mind when I ask for it.” When she’d snapped at him, the door had been closed so no one could hear her. She didn’t have any doubt that if the door had been open, he’d have made sure to punish her in front of all their audience by giving her a dressing down.

Drake liked to bring out the bitch inside her. She neither knew nor cared why he did it. Her only hope was that he didn’t push her to the point of wanting to quit. There were times she hated Drake, but she loved the job. It was challenging, amazing, and she’d gotten to visit some of the most beautiful places she’d ever seen. Being around Drake was an adventure even if it had stopped any chance of a relationship. He worked the oddest hours, demanded her presence at his home, work, or even the gym when he needed her to take notes. When she asked for him to write it down he’d merely ask what he was paying her for.

Walking toward the office, she didn’t knock, simply opened the door, and placed his coffee on the desk. She moved toward the door only to stop when he spoke.

“Thank you.”

She frowned. Three years she’d been working with him and in all that time he’d never once said thank you to her.

“What?” she asked.

“Thank you for the coffee.”

“You’re welcome.”

Glancing at the floor, she shook her head. She didn’t think there would ever come a time when she wasn’t completely confused. He had to be messing with her head and doing it on purpose. Returning to her desk, she grabbed the first letter from the list she had to respond to. She’d already gone through the response mails with Drake, so now she just needed to type them up. When all of them were typed, she’d take the letters into Drake for him to sign. He’d moan, curse, and complain about signing so many damn letters, to which she’d tell him to sell half of his company.

Pushing some of her hair off her face, she stretched and fisted her hands before getting started on the keyboard. After a few minutes of working the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, and she had the strangest feeling that she was being watched. Looking around the office, she couldn’t find anyone staring at her. She peeked at Drake’s office, but he was on the phone talking to someone. The long hours, lack of food and sleep were starting to make her go crazy. Who would want to look at her anyway? Who’d be interested? She was on the plump side with thick hips and thighs. Her stomach was rounded, probably from the chocolate she enjoyed eating. She could do with paying her own visit to the gym, but the thought of running for no good reason had never really appealed to her. Food, especially chocolate, was her one true weakness.

Pushing thoughts of food aside, she focused on the work in front of her. There was no point thinking about a love life. She had a hard enough time dealing with a man she didn’t even like, let alone finding one she would actually love.


“Are you even trying?” Drake asked, glaring at Christy. She tucked some of her loose curls behind her ear, which only served to anger him even more. Why couldn’t she leave her hair down?

“I’m here. I’m working through this stuff with you.”

“You can’t think of one single thing to reel Henderson in?”

“He’s a family man. Sell him something like that,” she said.

He really wanted to buy the hotel chain that had Henderson’s name stamped right on it, yet the bastard wouldn’t budge. He was in his late sixties, and everyone knew he was ready to sell his chain of businesses.

Getting to his feet, Drake started to pace the office. Christy moved from her seat, and he watched her crick her neck before moving toward the pile of papers on his desk. Glancing at the clock he saw it was past nine. They were the only two people in the office building, which wasn’t unheard of for them.

What was unheard of was the state of his cock. Christy had been by his side for three years, pushing and pulling at him, bringing the best out of him. He wasn’t so much of a bastard as not to know that she did in fact bring the greatest stuff out of him. She’d been a big part of his life, so big several women had complained about her presence. There was no way he’d ever get rid of Christy, so he’d gotten rid of the women who didn’t like her. Some would think it strange that he preferred the company of his employee compared to dazzling women. Christy didn’t put up with any of his shit. Well, she did put up with some. He loved it when she fought back with him, telling him to shove it. She was fire and ice and all the things in between. Christy was the first person to ever stand up against him, which was strangely … thrilling.

“Why are you so against selling him the family ideal?” she asked, turning back to face him. The bun she usually kept for office meetings was slowly falling out. His cock twitched at the beautiful sight before him. She glared at him, cocking her hip to the side. One of her hands rested on the full rounded hip while the other pointed out to him.

He was used to slender women, model thin. Christy was the complete opposite of slender. Her curves were abundant. They were also the same curves he’d been jacking off to for the last few months. He got hard, and the only thought that satisfied him was Christy on her knees before him. It didn’t matter how she was on her knees—she could be sucking his cock or he could be fucking her pussy—either image worked. He imagined her pussy was going to be incredibly tight. In the last few years she’d not had a man with her or at home as far as he could tell.

Drake knew he’d have her screaming in his arms.

“Earth to Drake!” She stepped closer to him, waving a hand in front of his face.

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